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Whoever Spares the Rod

Updated on December 3, 2014

Proverbs 22:6

Proverbs | Source

Spanking That

In recent news, Minnesota Viking running back, Adrian Peterson was recently charged with child abuse for spanking his son. Until ten years ago, it would have been astonishing to know the subject of disciplining ones children in this manner of spanking would become such an obviously controversial subject for in my day this form of discipline was the norm.

Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis?

The only complaint was hurt feelings and a behind that tingled from the aftermath. It was something myself and peers joked and laugh about later oft times including our parents in the hilarity of the discussion.

Now that we are adults it has become a “blessing” we thank our parents and grandparents for as we would not be the well adjusted members of society that we are today. We appreciate them for teaching us early in life of our inexperience to navigate our way through the turbulent waters of life because it wasn't meant for us to get away with acting on whatever crossed our young minds without suffering the consequences of bad decisions.

Childhood and Preteens

Folly of Childhood and Preteen Years

I set the trash can on fire at 7 years old, placing everyone in my house-holds life in jeopardy. What would I have done if my mischievous deed was successful? It could have resulted in the loss of the people I loved most. It would have haunted me for as long as life permitted me to go on. In retrospect the spanking received was well deserved.

Now, I would never say the adults in my life were perfect in administering discipline and punishment didn't always involve getting my rear end tapped. It all depended on the severity of wayward activity but it was always clear to me that it wasn't done out of abuse or evil but out of concern for the type of person they were molding. It was out of love as the fore-word; “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you” would soon prove.


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Spanking That con.

Bad Behavior Sometimes Require More Than Time Out

Tempered with a discussion and occasional hand to "boom boom", was the reason why my mother could leave 6 kids sitting together at public functions while she stepped away without incident, every one manner-able and well-behaved until she returned. It's the same reason she received compliments on what "good kids" she had. For the same reason she never had to make a trip to the principal’s office, EVER.

It is a predominant fact that kids today are found to be far less respectful and threatening of authority than ever. They are unafraid of the results of any delinquent act from a much earlier age. If the Bible, (at Psalm 13:24, New International Version, "Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them", also considered an authority), states that there is hatred for the child if the rod is spared, why are the parents or parent presented with jail time for caring enough about their child’s transition into adulthood occurring as smooth as possible?


Fijan Family
Fijan Family | Source
Family | Source


Now That the Village Is Out

The indication the practice of “time out” is frequented in masking helplessness, lack of ability in guidance or just a way of removing the issue temporarily rather than dealing with it is one argument but the point is the use of dismissal or spanking for punishment can both be extreme if the proper care isn’t coupled with it.

Would it be better to raise children who’s tendency is inclined toward that of becoming a criminal or so spoiled rotten; unconcerned for the village around him that he feels it is the world who owes him something because “the village” was known to dole out a well placed hand at one time, parent approved.

Passages From a Higher Authority

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Virtuous Woman
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