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Why Buy a Baby Activity Table?

Updated on October 2, 2010

A baby activity table is a great toy to keep your baby occupied and help him to learn more about the world around. These fun activity toys may be part of a baby walker or seat or standalone. Your baby can sit or stand at the table and have lots of different types of toys within easy access including different textures, colors, sounds and shapes.

Baby activity tables are great tools to help your child learn. Most are suitable for a range of ages so that when your baby is very young he will just enjoy touching the different shapes and looking at the different colors, but as he becomes older he can start to learn numbers and the names of shapes and colors. Most tables also have adjustable legs so they can grow with your child.

To choose a suitable activity table for your baby, have a look at some of the different options available from different toy companies. Some activity tables for babies are very simple with only a few basic toys, whereas others have all the bells and whistles with lights and music. The more complex styles are not necessarily the best as it depends on what interests your child in particular.

It’s also important to remember that the most expensive baby activity table is not necessarily the best. Your child is likely to be just as happy and entertained with a cheaper version as long as you make sure it is sturdy and appropriate to the interests of your baby. Some babies love listening to sound effects and things that light up, but others may be scared by these electronics, so read some reviews before you buy and choose what you think will be most suitable for your child.

Depending on which activity table for baby you choose, it may have one or more of the following toys:

  • Toy piano or buttons to make sounds
  • Beads that can be threaded around a wire shape
  • Mirrors to encourage self awareness
  • Rattles
  • Lights
  • A play telephone
  • Movable cogs
  • Shape sorter
  • Stacking toys
  • Counting beads
  • Various textures and colors

An activity table for babies may be made from wood or plastic.  You will find that the wooden versions are more durable and generally more attractive to children to touch and play with, but they can be quite a bit more expensive. Wooden activity tables generally contain simpler toys and do not have electronic sound and light effects like the plastic versions.

One popular model is the Little Tikes Busy Baby Activity Table. This activity table is recommended for babies aged 18 to 36 months. Made from sturdy wood it includes beads, cogs, mirrors, pounding shapes and has extendable legs to suit children of different ages. This table retails for around $40 and can be purchased from many different retailers both on and offline.

Another popular brand is the Baby Einstein activity table – the Discover and Play Activity Center. This is a circular table with a padded seat in the center in which to place your baby. The seat turns a full 360 degrees so that the baby can play with all the toys easily. In terms of toys, this activity center includes a dragon hand puppet, a ball with beads inside, a rattle, a teething toy, a loop with beads, a tower made from cloth shapes, spinning wheels with sound effects, a plastic book and buttons to press which make different animal sound effects.  You can use this toy with your baby as soon as he is old enough to sit upright.

There are lots of other baby activity tables out there for you to choose from so the best thing to do is just have a browse around the internet, read a few reviews and see which model sounds good for you. As well as activities for the baby you might want to consider the size of the table, the age range it is suitable for and how easily it can be cleaned, as well as obviously bearing your budget in mind.  When you’ve decided on a model, do a little price comparison to see where to get the cheapest deal – often large stores like offer promotions and discounts on a certain baby activity table so this is a good place to start looking.


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