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Why Buy baby Banz Pink sunglasses

Updated on July 2, 2011

This is what one customer had to say after buying baby Banz Pink sunglasses from Amazon online “Great product, proper sun glasses that keeps the harmful sun’s rays out of baby’s eyes. The strap means the glasses stay comfortably in place and can be adjusted as they grow..."

 I was curious when I read this review from this satisfied customer, and I wanted to know more about the Banz Pink sunglasses for babies and I went to Amazon to find out more from the manufacture and why I should by it for my two years old baby. I was more interested by the fact that it keeps a way harmful sun rays out of babies as my daughter had some eye problems so I thought that getting one of the sunglasses would be of healthy to her eyes but initially I didn’t know which type to buy and where to find one, after doing several search and ended up at Amazon and read all this positive comments about the Banz Pink sunglasses I found it very useful.

Now here are the features from the manufacture that makes this sunglass for babies to stand out among others, first they are available in lots of trendy colours that your baby can choose from and this makes it easy to select one for your child depending on the color preference. It is also 100% UV protection babybanz sunglasses which has a unique patented adjustable band. The band normally holds the glasses in place.

Why Buy baby Banz Pink sunglasses

The sunglasses are for the ages between 0-2 years old kid. The physical design of the polycarbonate frames on Babybanz baby sunglasses allows for it to fit the baby's face with minimal UV leakage from the side and this is one of the best features of this baby sunglasses. The other feature of the sunglasses is it's unisex nature and can fit both girls and newly born boys. This sunglass is making secured and comfortable by the patented strap so your child will not worry of the sunglass following down. The other good advantage is that the Babybanz have no breakable hinges or arms.

The Babybanz sunglasses are manufactured in Australia and it is good to note that the Australian Cancer Council sells Babybanz and recommends that newly born infant's eyes are protected from the strong rays of the sun, they have found the Babybanz sunglasses to be of high quality to the point of recommending it to mothers for their infant, when doing your shopping for this Sunglasses you may need their cases which are available separately for sell at Amazon. The statistics at Amazon shows that 78% of parents buy this sunglasses for their infant and this just shows you how many parents prefer it and it's usefulness. The Babybanz sunglasses are recommended for the babies of 0 -2 years of age, so even the newly born babies can wear it. Find out more from Amazon shopping portal online. You can check on the 5 factors to consider before buying  sunglasses


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