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Why Dads Should Encourage Breastfeeding!

Updated on July 5, 2017
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Paul is a Christian, a husband to one wife, and a father to 4 wonderful children. He is also a writer, musician and is a forever learner.

Practical Reasons Dads Should Encourage Breastfeeding

For so many, the topic of breastfeeding is taboo. It is truly interesting that it is ok for animals to feed their young by the breast, but women are expected to use a bottle. Half dressed women can be plastered all over billboards, television, even our malls where men and young boys are forced to see. Why is it so controversial for women to breastfeed in public? Why is breastfeeding not seen as natural? When a baby is born, milk automatically fills the breast. There is a perfectly good nipple for a baby to latch onto. Obviously, there are women that struggle with breastfeeding due to anatomy or health issues, but this is not the majority. Instead of gawking when a mother is feeding her child, men should encourage women to do so. Here are some practical reasons why:

  • Dad is not up all hours of the night feeding baby
  • No bottles to prepare.
  • Mom feeds the baby for free.
  • No need to carry an assortment of bottles and formula.
  • Breastmilk does not need to be warmed when it comes directly from mom.
  • Mom can feed baby anywhere.
  • Less chance dad will be spat up upon.

Given this short list of practical benefits, one could wonder why it is a problem for women to feed their babies from the breast. Aside from the practicality of breastmilk, there are a number of other reasons why this should be the preferred method for feeding infant children. We will discuss this further into the article.

Is Breastfeeding Truly Necessary?

Do mom's truly need to breastfeed? Aren't there a number of alternatives available for mom's that don't want to be burdened by an infant doing what comes natural to them like feeding off of the breast? Despite what you may have heard or read, there is no real substitute for breast milk. Here are just a few benefits from breast milk:

  1. Breastmilk contains all of the basic ingredients your baby needs for proper brain development. A 2015 study claims that babies that had breastmilk for up to two years are smarter and are less sickly than children on formula.
  2. Breastmilk contains antibodies that fight off bacteria and viruses keeping babies much healthier than most formula fed babies.
  3. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) states that breastfeeding helps prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Benefits For Breastfeeding Mothers

Newborns enjoy a number of benefits from breastfeeding moms, but are there benefits for mom as well? That is a very good question and the answer is yes:

  1. Breastfeeding moms lose their baby weight faster than non breastfeeding moms.
  2. When mom is breastfeeding her child, a chemical is released in the brain called oxytocin. This chemical helps the uterus return to its normal size quicker; therefore, reducing uterine bleeding after birth.
  3. Oxytocin in many cases reduces the blues that new moms feel after the birth of their child.
  4. A number of studies have also proven that women that don't breastfeed are at greater risk of Breast Cancer.

Problems With Formula Feeding

For some new moms formula feeding is a must, but it should never be the preferred method for infants. If it is possible for moms to breastfeed their infants, then there are a number of benefits for both. What are some problems with formula feeding?

  • Formula fed babies are more likely to develop diabetes.
  • Formula isn't as easily digested as breastmilk.
  • There is a risk of overfeeding your baby
  • Babies that are formula fed have more chances of obesity.
  • There is a chance of an allergic reaction.
  • Formula is expensive, breastmilk is free.

Why Is This Not a Problem?

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Why Is This a Problem?

Breastfeeding Poll

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Men Encouraging Breastfeeding

Are You Encouraging Your Wife?

It is easy for a man to dismiss women breastfeeding as gross or something that should done in private. If God gave a woman breasts and they fill up with milk once their child is born, why is it such a big deal? Men, are you encouraging your wife to breastfeed your child?


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