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Why Do We Need to Communicate

Updated on August 4, 2010



(Interpersonal Process)


Physical Needs


·         Keeping things bottled up can affect health. 

·         When something is experienced, negatively, it can help the physical and mental by talking about the experience. 

·         U.S. Senator John McCain was a North Vietnam prisoner of war for 6 years.  He and other POWs set up clandestine codes to keep in touch, by tapping on the walls.  Although, tortured and told not to communicate further, the POWs found the torture was less severe than no contact with their fellow POW brothers.


Identity Needs


·         Communication enables us to survive.  We learn who we are by the way we interact with others.

·         Are we smart or stupid, attractive or ugly, skillful or inept?

·         We decide who we are based on how others react to us.

·         Without communication with others, we have no sense of identity.


Social Needs


·         Communication is the principal way relationships are created.

·         Communication satisfies a variety of needs such as giving and receiving affection, having fun, helping others and being helped, and giving us a sense of self-worth.

·         Children who grow up in strong conversation oriented families report having more satisfying same-sex friendships and romantic relationships as adults.

·         Woman report that socializing contributes to a satisfying life, more satisfying than relaxing, shopping, eating, exercising, television, or prayer.


Practical Needs


·         Communication is an essential part of effectiveness in a variety of everyday settings.

·         The abilities to speak and listen effectively have been identified as the most important factors in helping to secure jobs, advance in careers. 

·          Communication is more important than technical competence, work experience and academic background.




Communication between couples


·         Communication is just as important outside of work.

·         Couples who are effective communicators reported happier relationships than less skillful husband and wives in communication.

·         In getting acquainted situation, communication competence played a major role in whether a person was judged physically attractive, socially desirable, and good at the risk of getting acquainted.

·         A man who solicits his partner’s opinion, shows sensitivity to her perspective, and is agreeable is perceived by the partner to be physically and sexually more attractive.




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