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I support Caning Children - Cane A Child -

Updated on June 19, 2013

Watching too much Oprah and related talk shows has made us to believe that if we spank our children they will turn into social deviants. To me,  it is the other way round; it is not uncommon to hear a mother crying that her daughter is abusing her. We want to treat our children the way we treat our pets – or is it the other way round? It has made us tolerate a lot of nonsense that we would not have tolerated from our children a few decades back. 

And I am not talking about physical abuse or something like that where you hit your child with a brick; no. I’m talking about the good old caning or as the Brits would say, “Strokes of the cane.”

Of course, there are many experts who tell us that “research shows” that this does not really help children improve. However, like any other researches that are done by special interest groups, the research is skewed to achieve exactly what they want it to achieve. They have come up with alternative forms of punishment like looking at the child in the eye and telling him to stop. Or denying the child the TV for a couple of days. But come on! For how long can you do such things? Isn’t this the reason why many of us do not want to have big families anymore?

I know a friend of mine whose family size is 16 – excluding the father and the mother. How do you think the parents would have survived if at all his parents would be bent on telling their children: stop!?

The mum would probably have suffered a nervous breakdown before her  first born  turned 13. 

If my dad would have done that to me, I would have laughed all the way to jail.

Keep It Up Teacher

Of Teachers Hitting on Tiny Girls

Teachers have a responsibility to the children they teach; and they have an obligation to carry themselves with dignity. But unless he gets into hitting at the girls he is teaching – like some teachers I know - or destroying the children he is supposed to build, the teacher is always right. Well, I know everyone knows that that is hogwash; just the way you know that your boss is talking gibberish when he reminds you that the customer is always right.

The reason why teachers should always be respected and feared by children and not the other way round, is for the good of the child, just like knowing that customer is king is good for business.

As a high school student, there was a time when i performed so poorly in exams – due to my own mischief – that I ended up being among the worst , coming out at position 170 out of 174. In the assembly of close to 800 boys, The school principal told the bottom- ten students to stand up. He looked at my friend and I and said, “Look at those two people, they look like sheep. I am very uncomfortable with them in this school.” Of course I was frightened, but I never went down. I knew that I couldn’t go around fighting with my teacher over an ego trip and expect to win. Now with hindsight, I understand that there was no other way the schoolmaster could have controlled an all-boys boarding school with a population of 800 without using some rough language.

I also remember than when I was 10 the home-science teacher asked the class to state the difference between a scald and a burn and nobody in the class except I, knew the difference. I was given a stick and I was told to give each of the 35 boys and girls two strokes of the cane. This was done under the supervision of the teacher. Nobody went to tell his or her parent and nobody complained – coz they knew that the teacher was always right. The only downside to this story is that I was forced to beat a girl that I had a crush on.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not for beating kids every time they do something wrong. There are some mistakes that are simply not worth caning a child for. But there are times when caning children is the quick way to fix a child’s deviant behavior.

When it comes to stubbornness, rebellion, and disobedience , give me the whip and I will wipe the bay’s butt. Do it for me too.


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    • Sean Begle profile image

      Sean Begle 3 years ago from Statesville, North Carolina

      I agree with the caning of children as well and am not against it myself.

      Whatever people say about spanking is non-sense,

      and I do not believe that it causes psychological problems whatsoever

    • profile image

      Jeremy 3 years ago

      Yes.There are occasions when it is right to punish boys with the cane.I suggest that this is given on the bare bottom, the boy bending over the back of a chair having removed his trousers and pants completely.Within the age range of 11 -17 I consider to be most suitable for canings given privately.

    • profile image

      Commonsensethink 4 years ago

      I was a teacher in secondary schools in England in the 1970s. I left in 1979 for one reason more than any - the decline in disciplinary standards. Actually that decline was not universal. The standard of behaviour for boys was pretty stable. For girls (some, not all NB) though there was a notable pattern. The amount of bullying, threatening conduct, foul-mouthed abuse etc that emanated from them seemed to increase every year. And nothing seemed to stop them. We had finally one incident where 2 15-year-old girls decided to drop a very timid classmate out of a second-storey window! And were only stopped at the last minute. What was different between the boys and girls in that school at that time. Boys could be caned and knew how far they could go. Girls would get at worst a detention at lunchtime. Some were so used to it (see the two above, one was already down for detention for the next 23 days!) that it was not at all effective. We may not like the idea, but corporal punishment works as a deterrent. And is better for the mass of the well-behaved kids who know that miscreants will be severly punished.

    • profile image

      Scobs 4 years ago

      Interesting topic. Always intrigued by dicussions and comments on using the cane. I use it on both my kids, boy and girl, 14yrs and 3 yr old respectively. One unavoidable reason for me is that the God says i should use it. My opinion is really ok however, when God says do I do. God bless.

    • profile image

      pinapple123 4 years ago


      Thanks buddy. God bless you. But you do need to be reasonably inflexible when it comes to discipline. But there is a fine line between that and hitting.

    • profile image

      dave 4 years ago


      I totally agree my friend. I made a conscious choice to raise my child without abuse, and I don't seek anyone's approval.

    • profile image

      pinapple123 4 years ago

      you are entitled to support even the devil if you like. But I am entitled to decide what is good for my kid, and not have to apologize to you. I do not spank my son, and he is much better behaved than the kids in his class that do get spanked.

    • profile image

      JORDAN 4 years ago


      people who do that to kids deserve worse than canning on the pee hole. They deserve their penis cutoff.

    • profile image

      jack 5 years ago

      If a child is less than 17yrs i suggest caning is better than mere talking.

    • profile image

      Carl 5 years ago

      My dad used the cane on me and my brother up till 18 always on the bare bottom, The fear of the beating kept us on the strait and narrow

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      My dad used to cane me on my bare bottom up to nearly 17. I am now 22. It certainly straightened me out and if I have children I will use a cane on them in the same way. I cannot think of a better way of punishing a boy.

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      I use to regularly spank and severely cane my three nephews for their mother, and now they do behave. Providing it is done in private, on the bare bottom so you can monitor any damage, then it did them the world of good.

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 7 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Kids need to be spanked if they deserve it and told why they got the spanking and that the spanking is a punishment for them doing the bad thing they did and that you love them enough to spank them and teach them right from wrong.

    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      well ian, you should have your child taken away. if someone hit me with a cane, id beat the shit out of them. if i were your daughter, id wait until you were asleep, and id cane you right in the pee hole.

    • profile image

      Ian 7 years ago

      s a dad in Ireland I am a firm believer in the cane.My daughter is 11 and understands absolutley that if she breaks the rules at home or at school she can expect a sound caning.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      Pink is right- Parents who defend their kids against teachers are 90% of the time wrong, but I also do not want any other "grown-up" physically touching my kids. I am not for anyone but the parents or police- as applicable touching my kids- However, I do believe that other kids need a good taste of discipline. I believe that there is a time and a place for discipline-"absolute power corrupts absolutely" there has to be a wayfor discipline to be doled out without going to far.

      There should be an incrimental and documented approach. Ya know no first offense caining.... I know teachers who just don't mesh with students- I was a student teacher- in a suburb and city school-If I threatened to cane some students I would have been shot- that's something else to remember If you cane a crip- you might as well put a red hankercheif on because they will look at you like your a blood....So in some cases the corporal punishment may lead to escalation of violence against teachers....

    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      No, those parents are lazy and for them it is easier to argue with you than to teach their children to behave.

    • Word_Perfect profile image

      Word_Perfect 8 years ago from It's Kinda Embarrassing

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I don't have children but i am a teacher. And i really hate it when i see parents defending their children and thinking that their children are angels.

    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 8 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      um............ now i am a new mom, but i am still a mom. My mother put fear into my brother once for each of us, and never had to do it again. i myself can probably see myself smacking adon on the but if he gets out of hand, but yes, i will also try to get through to him first. i love him, and want him to respect me, not be so afraid that he hides shit from me. my mother only hit me once. i never talked back in school, and have a wonderful relationship with her. fear builds resentment, remember that. do you have children?