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Why Our Kids Could Never Destroy Our Relationship

Updated on February 25, 2016

And Why I Love You More As a Father

Lately i have been reading posts from new and old mothers stating their biggest regrets when becoming a new mom, and you know whats always at the top of that list? Neglecting their significant other and letting their child "destroy their bond".


Stop saying this.

Stop thinking this.

You know why? We just went through 9 months of carrying our babies in us and developing the most amazing thing and gift that god could ever give us, and you know what? You became a family.

As a mother and a wife, I promise to never think this.

I have fallen in different ways than apart; fallen in love every time I watch you look into our daughters eyes, Fallen in love watching her grow and learn the coolest new things, falling asleep breastfeeding (even if it means she is between us), tiny cuddles, fallen in love looking into her face and seeing yours, but most importantly, fallen in love with you BOTH.

we've adjusted to love differently, because there is so much more love in our hearts to fill! and even on those nights we cant quite stay up long enough to have a little bit of time alone together, I don’t feel as if we are neglecting each other or falling apart because I know I will never love you any less, in fact, being a father has shown me more ways to love you than I ever thought possible.

We barely do date nights because we hate leaving the kids, and we barely get alone time, but that doesn’t affect my love for my you.

I watch you love our whole family every single day, and because of that, I will always be your biggest fan.

Thank you to my husband for giving me the most amazing gift, but most importantly, thank you for helping my bond with you BUILD every single day that I get to see you once again, be an absolutely amazing father to our perfect children.


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