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Why I Am Not Loyal To One Brand of Formula

Updated on February 1, 2016

Formula Frustations

My little one is currently 7 weeks and has been formula fed. I breast fed for 2 weeks, but that wasn't going to well for me, so I began to supplement her feedings. I began with the most economical choice of formula I could find which is Walmart's Parent Choice Infant Formula. Baby took the formula right away with out any issues. Everything was going fine, but then baby became constipated. All the straining and crying that baby went through worried me, I needed to find a solution to ease her pain. Since breast milk wasn't an option for me, I started to do research on various types of formula. I then discovered Enfamil's Reguline that is designed to promote soft stools. This formula did the trick and baby was no longer suffering when producing a vowel movement. I thought I struck gold, in easing my little one's tummy trouble, but this formula came in at a whopping 26.99 for 20.4 oz compared to the Parent Choice formula which sells at 19.99 for 35 oz. As a parent I want to do what is best for my baby, if she needs the pricey formula then she will get it, however since I did have the tub of the Parent Choice almost completely full I decided to feed baby that formula still. For every one feeding of PC I would do two of the ER. I was wary of what would happen, would baby be constipated again? Would she perfer one formula over the other? To my surprise everything turned out perfectly. Baby has normal soft stools and never refuses either formula. I was even given a sample can of Similac Advanced which I keep in our diaper bag and baby has taken that one with out hesitation and no tummy troubles afterwards. I will keep buying the Enfamil Reguline because I know that's what is keeping baby's tummy at ease, but I know I can save several bucks buy still feeding her Parent's Choice. I'm not loyal to any one formula because baby has done fine and is very healthy. If I'm able to save some money and keep my little one happy and well nourished, I am one happy mama!

Which type of formula do you use for your little one?

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