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Humorous Child Raising

Updated on May 7, 2015

So Precious

Mason Kieth Vivier 2012
Mason Kieth Vivier 2012 | Source

Oh Baby !

People say that having and raising the first born is most difficult. I would have to say that I completely agree with them. When a mother gives birth to her first born everything has to be perfect. The baby must have every single little thing it needs-down to the q-tips (specially designed for infants) and most expensive little socks- before it is even out of the womb ( in most cases.) The house is to be spotless by the end of each and everyday, just in case the baby makes a surprise visit. The baby shower invitations must be absolutely perfect with the right design, shape and color. Dads, you might want to step back when it comes to filling out those invitations. Mom wants to make sure the writing is presentable without any misspellings or blotches. Once the baby is born, however, one might think things would start to settle down. Mom get a grip and realize "dirt won't hurt" and dad "holding the little baby is okay, you won't hurt it." Nope, not a single things changes within the household, or even outside the house for that matter. The baby is now going on a few months old and you have mom over here at the grocery store, with a bottle of hand sanitizer using it to wipe the entire grocery cart, all while holding the baby on her hip. The new mothers father offers to hold the child and the new mother asks " Did you wash your hands dad?" with a snooty face. This is just an example of how ridiculous and crazy children can make new mothers. There are many people who agree to disagree on obsessively cleaning yourself with soaps and sanitizes before holding a child, touching a child or even looking at a child these days.

When a mother gives birth to the second born child or even a third, people surrounding her can notice the difference, including herself if she thinks about it. There normally is no worries about having those expensive socks at the department store, the baby can wear its brothers or sisters, use the old crib and he/she can even sit on uncle Bills lap after he just got done changing the oil in the car. Its not that our love for our first born is anymore or less than our second, third, fourth and so on. It is that as mothers and fathers we have learned from our mistakes and mishaps, what has worked and what hasn't, what we should really worry about versus what is not a big deal all with our first child. Raising the second, third and so on is just like riding a bicycle. Once you have done it once, you will never forget how to,-But you will also never forget when to exert the most effort, or just lean back enjoy the ride while letting the little once make mud pies-.

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