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The Importance Of Teaching My Kids About Being Independent Vs. Dependent!

Updated on October 21, 2014

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Independent Vs. Dependent!

My husband and I are always encouraging them to search for their own independence and don't depend on any job to meet their financial needs because a job only provides a learning experience. Anyone can get a job and depend on the limited income they provide for their employees but not many people are creating their own cash flow. It's so important to let them know that everyone around the world is worthy of getting an equal opportunity to become successful person or an entrepreneur, it just takes hard work and determination to get the job done but that's the big difference between the two. The battle is won when they decide which person they really want to become an independent or dependent.

We Want Them To Think Outside Of The Box!

We as parents want the best for our kid's future and thats why we do the things we do for them. My role as a mother is to nurture and inspire them to be independent thinkers versus dependent seekers. I remember when they were little kids and teaching them how to do things independently, it was fun to see how quickly they caught on. I continue to offer them guidance because my three young adults are on a search for better ways to make a living. Each one of them have different ideas on how they should go down the path to adulthood. I see the uniqueness and qualities they each have but my youngest son is the one who thinks outside of the box on his own which is wonderful. However, as his mother, I have to fore-warn him that life is tough and the freedom he's searching for will come with a huge price but it will be well worth it, when he succeed. We want them use their talents and explore the digital world and beyond that's why we advised them to look at these type of avenues to get them started.

  • Youtube Channel
  • Build Their Own Webinars
  • Write An Ebook Or Song
  • Become Bloggers
  • Create Their Own E-Commerces Business
  • Plug-in With Different Affiliated Programs
  • Find Their Niche And Make An Impact

The more you learn, the more you earn.

— Frank Clark

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We're Using Unique Parenting Advice!

We decided a long time ago, when we became parents that we would teach our kids differently from the way we were taught. We started off by taking on an erudition attitude for ourselves first, and then we showed it to our kids. We all know that being a parent is not easy, but it's well worth it. Watching them grow and learn what we taught them is priceless. Right now my young adults are seeking and asking a lot of questions about careers, incomes, investments, and etc. We've been touching on each subject because we want them to succeed beyond any obstacles they come across that life throws at them.

  • That's why we taught them skills that will carry them for a lifetime.
  • We want them to learn how to solve their own problems and become self-sufficient.
  • We hope these skills that we instilled in them will last for as long as they live and maybe the information would be past down to their own future children.

We started to teach them these important things?

  • Talents- Everyone has it but who amongst are willing to use it.
  • Careers- We want them to chose a career or business that they are passionate about why because then it will never be work or a job.
  • Incomes- Teaching them how to use their income wisely by making smart-money decisions. Advising them to open an Roth IRA, Stocks, EFT, Bonds, Real-Estate, and small-business.
  • Investments- We want them to invest in themselves by working for themselves which is the only way they will be have that freedom to grow. Don't invest in anything you don't understand is our motto and keep it simple stupid.
  • Take Responsibility- Learn from their own mistake and don't stop.
  • Values- Respect yourself first and the decision of others. Why? because everyone's morals are different.
  • Gifts- Share what you presently know with others and your heart will do the rest.

My Young Adults And Future Thinkers
My Young Adults And Future Thinkers | Source
My Oldest Son The Future Star!
My Oldest Son The Future Star! | Source
My Daughter The Self-Motivator!
My Daughter The Self-Motivator! | Source
My Youngest Son Writing And Studying For His Future!
My Youngest Son Writing And Studying For His Future! | Source

We Must Believe In Their Dreams!

I'm sharing a little bit of my young adults dreams with you, why? because I feel that everyone's aspirations are worthy to be voiced.

  • My oldest son who is wearing a pair of sunglasses in this picture is so passionate about his music that he wants to become a famous rapper, so bad that I hear him working on his craft ever chance he gets. His stage name is 'Ranks.' One day soon you might be able to here his music on the radio, if you like that kind of genre.
  • My only daughter and she's a wonderful young lady who tore her ACL and Meniscus when she was in her senior year of high school. Tough times came with that injury, but she pulled through it and I saw her become a self-motivator and passionate about fitness in the process. Now she's helping people all around her including myself. She loves helping others thats why I think her future will be so much brighter.
  • My youngest boy who is on the floor reading and studying for his future, his desires are filled with so much determination its unbelievable. I see him consistently reading self-help & entrepreneurial books. He really wants to be an independent person and not depend on working for someone else. He's focused on making his own way that's for sure, I can see it in his eye's.

We want to teach them that they must first believe in themselves as much as we believe in them. We also must allow them to step out into the unknown and reach for the stars and grab ahold of them and don't let go. We want them to take that leap of faith and see what they're made of. The pictures or things below will give you a better look at what they are working on to make their future and dreams come true.

They've Took On A Never Give-Up Attitude!

The attitude should always be a never give up attitude. Encourage them to fight for what they believe in and someday soon their battles will be won. Allow them to set their eyes on the prize and don't let anyone get in their way. They'll be presently surprised they did! Never Give Up Attitude works, so give a try and you'd be in Awed.

Ranks Youtube Video.

My daughter is sharing her experiences on social media and hub pages.
My daughter is sharing her experiences on social media and hub pages. | Source

The advantage of a classical education is that it enables you to despise the wealth that it prevents you from achieving.

— Russell Green

Helpful Tips:

Allow your kids, teens, and young adults to spread their wings and fly. Plus show them that you care about their future plans, so be involved in the process as much as you can but also be helpful from a distance.

  • Be positive
  • Be understanding
  • Be imaginative
  • Be encouraging
  • Be supportive

We're Proud To Say They've Listened!

I'm proud that all three of them are doing something they love and are passionate about. We couldn't ask for anything more but for them to do their very best at whatever path they have chosen.

Any Feedback Is Welcome!

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    • Venus Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisy Rivera 

      4 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank you, for your wonderful comment. I'm sure they will every kid needs some kind of guidance.

    • Felisa Daskeo profile image

      Felisa Daskeo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      You are great parents so your kids are great too. I'm sure they will go a long way. That is because you taught them well while they were kids.


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