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Why Is the Relationship Between Father and Daughter Exceptional in This Earth?

Updated on May 6, 2020
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By profession, he is an IGCSE English Language Teacher, a teachers' trainer, and a creative writer.

Relationship between Father and Daughter is heavenly.
Relationship between Father and Daughter is heavenly. | Source

The relationship between father and daughter is unique and exceptional. Indeed, the association is a heavenly one. From the first time he holds his precious little angel in his arms, to the day he has to walk her down the aisle, the relationship between a father and her daughter is like no other. In a world where people treat love as a one-time surgical mask thrown away without any second thought, once it has exceeded its usefulness, the relationship between a father and daughter is truly a shining example of what true love is.

Let's Explore The Relationship Between Father And Daughter

Let's explore the heavenly bond between a father and daughter. Yes, I admit that still daughters are treated inhumanely by the father. However, we must understand that all human beings are not human beings. Some are shaped like a human with the soul of a savage and demon.

It Is Selfless

The selfless love of a father towards the daughter is immeasurable. A father works hard, sacrificing mind and body, merging day and night, so that his sweetheart may never face hardships and the dilemma in life. Sacrificing his interests, hobbies, and happiness, a father, tries his best to make his daughter feel like the princess and tries to keep her sit on a golden throne made of his sweat and tears. She understands that behind that smile is a heart filled with love that he has worked day and night in hopes that she may live a happy life. She tries her best to reciprocate that love, knowing that she can never repay him. Isn't it lovely how both love each other unconditionally, yet none never wants anything in return from each other?

Set In Stone

The first cry of a daughter reveals to a father, "No matter what happens this girl right here, this vulnerable creature right here will love you, till the day you breathe your last, and you are to love her, care for her and cherish her, for she is your heart and your entire world from now on." Even when a girl falls in love with another man, also when she goes away to another man, yet she is being loved and cared for by another man, the love of a daughter for her father will never even come close to being equal.

Prevailing Through The Storms

It was once said that even giants fall, and our fathers are no exceptions. Seeing the strongest man you've ever known in your life breaks down can make anyone's heart-break. But, it is the daughter's, a father's guardian angel in times of darkness-financial, physical and mental, who take control of the pain in their hearts and stand firm for their father's.

Teenage years are a time of heart-breaks and betrayals from the closest of people, but fathers? They never leave their daughter's side; they stay with them through their worst heart-breaks, and through these shards of ice thrown by life, teach their daughter's the tools needed to grow in life.


Worth Everything

When it is said that to a father, her daughter is everything; it is no exaggeration. To a father, his daughter is his everything, his heart, and his world, and nothing comes before her, not even his own life. A daughter spends her entire life taking care of her father, loving him and taking care of him-staying awake night after night when he's sick, looking after his every need when he's old and all because "He's worth everything."


Fathers provide their daughters with a strong sense of morality. Guiding them and providing them lessons needed to grow as a good human being. A father knows how dangerous the world can be, so he tries his best to provide his dearest daughter the ways to be healthier, to be triumphant in this ever so cruel world.

A Daughter's Superhero

When you haven't completed your homework when you haven't done your chores and mom is angry because of it, who do you seek to take shelter? Your superhero. While mothers feel a feminine connection to their daughters and feel a need to teach them the ways of womanhood through hook or crook, fathers feel an intense surge of love for their daughters, and to them, they're perfect just the way they are.


We human beings are simple creatures, and as such, we learn through example. A father holds a very high place in a daughter's heart. He is her idol and her best teacher. A father does his best to set a good example for his daughter, an example of good character and strong mentality. And through this, a bond is created, where the love strengthens through every lesson.

First Love

It is from father that he learns what it's like to love and to be loved by the opposite gender. It is a father's greatest rejoice and worst fear to know that he has to let go of his daughter one day. But he knows that whoever he gives his daughter away to has to be the greatest man on the earth. So, he does his best to be the man he would want his daughter to marry; he tries to show her what true love feels, what it could feel like from a man. Because after all, no one would want his perfect little angel to marry a demon. What do you think?

"My Dad Understands Me," Said His Daughter

A man seldom knows what a woman wants, how their minds work. It is no less than the mystery that can only be unfolded by the willing. And it is through that willingness, that willingness to unravel what their daughter wants, how her mind works, that a father and daughter create a bond like no other. Through a father's fails and wins when it comes to an understanding daughter, through understanding her temper-tantrums and her happiest smiles, that a love that is mutual-understanding, caring, and magical

The Greatest Listener

Life isn't that easy, but what helps is having someone who understands you and will listen to you patiently. And often, in a woman's life, that person is their father. No one matters more to him than his daughter, and he knows he must protect her, and that includes listening to her. Mother's often disregarded their daughter's words as either teenage tantrums or as common female problems. But fathers? They never back down. They listen patiently, no matter how big the complaint, no matter how long it takes him to understand.

Bottom Lines

The relationship between father and daughter is something unique and pure that only a pure heart can understand. However, there are still some human-shaped human beings, who are more than a demon from spirit, and more than devil form heart, they have no value of this relationship.

© 2020 Md Akbar Ali


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    • dhakaakbar profile imageAUTHOR

      Md Akbar Ali 

      3 weeks ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you Eric Dierker

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      This is nice.


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