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Why Moms Do What They Do: A Tribute To Mothers

Updated on April 29, 2011

 Mothers do a lot of things--they provide a foundation for the family, they hold the family together, and they keep on doing all that needs to be done to help a family be a family. Oftentimes they get up early, are endlessly busy all day, and collapse into bed at night. Why? Because that's what moms do!

For stay-at-home moms:

Here are a few more reasons why moms do what they do:

Children need help. Our children come into the world helpless, and they cannot do for themselves. It is instinctual to provide, love and care for them. This responsibility is a blessing and a curse. It takes a great deal of time, and at times, seems very unrewarding. But then we see a smile and for some odd reason, we forget about all the time and effort and focus on the smiles and giggles.

Children love and trust unconditionally. Young kids are so trusting and full of hugs because they haven't learned to distrust and they are still very innocent. Because they have not been exposed to a lot of negative attitudes, children are often optimistic and happy, and moms enjoy cultivating this enthusiasm children display.

Children are our hope. Moms recognize we will not be young and able forever. There will come a time when our kids will take over and make decisions and rules because they are our future leaders. We hope we have given them strong values and good hearts so they do what is right and fair.

Children take and take, but then they give back. When children are young, moms spend a lot of time trying to teach and encourage them. At times, you think your child will never grow up, move out, and take care of themself. But then it happens, and you wonder where all the years went. And you're amazed at all the things your child has accomplished!

Children are angels in the making. Children are a gift, although at times it easy to forget that. They, too, will grow up to be moms, and dads, and aunts, and uncles. They, too, will struggle with the challenges of life. They will learn to give and provide for others, like their own children.

Moms do what they do because it's so important, and when moms can't they trust all the others --fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, mentors, neighbors, friends-- to help. It does take a community to raise a child.


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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      Excellent hub!

    • nadp profile image

      nadp 7 years ago from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

      I like your thoughts about moms. I'm a mother of three girls and could identify with all you've said. Now they are grown and on their own - and you're right - I do wonder where the years went! Sounds like a cliche - but so true!!