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Why Parents Should Maintain a Close Relationship with Young Adults

Updated on November 14, 2017
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Patrick has been working as a freelance writer for the past 3 years

A parent and a friend


Young Adults

Regardless of their respective theories, development theorists will agree that life is a process with each of the developmental stage posing a new set of challenges and opportunities for the individual. Through these stages, a growing individual will face a variety of challenges that they will have to resolve in order to move to the next stage, and thus develop appropriately. According to Erikson’s psycho-social stages of development, a young adult, who has just passed the adolescence phase (where he/she develops identity), is in a stage where he/she tends to establish ties with others. This enables the young adult to either become isolated or establish long lasting relationships.

According to a number of studies, alcohol has been shown to be one of the most commonly used drugs in New Zealand. This is largely due to the fact that it is easily accessible and tends to be enjoyed among friends. Among high school students and college students, these being young adults, binge drinking has become very popular, with students being introduced to alcohol as something fun to engage in with their peers. However, such behavior has also been associated with other risky behaviors such as engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse, crime and motor vehicle accidents. Among high school students who are about to complete their studies and freshmen in college, these behaviors show how young adults can be easily influenced by their peers, and the environment they live in to engage and participate in given acts and behaviors. Moreover, it also proves the willingness of these young adults to participate in activities that will allow them to identify with given groups in order to be accepted as part of such groups.

As young adults, who are still developing, such behaviors also show that their intention to experiment with new things they are introduced to by their peers. For a majority of these young adults, this is a period to experiment practically and thus experience what they see as common among their peers.

Mom and daughter

According to Drewery & Clairborne (2014), most of the young adults are experiencing a variety of changes that are all happening at the same time. They are looking to fit it, deal with responsibilities coming their way, and perform as expected by their caregivers and the society general among other factors. In addition, there is a lot of peer pressure pushing them to change their beliefs and personalities. Since most of them feel that they are adults already, they will be highly inclined to try out new things that adults tend to engage in. For this reason, they are likely to find themselves taking a variety of risks, which can negatively affect their health and general well being.

However, in all these, the role of parents/guardians/culture and teachers as well as mentors cannot be underestimated. More than parents, teachers and mentors, such as coaches are in a better position to not only educate, but also talk to young adults about how various behaviors can affect them. For instance, a coach, who tends to be more close to young adults can talk more openly about such issues as sex, drugs and alcohol, and effectively reach the young adults. Parents also have a part to play given that they are involved in raising the young adults. Spending time with them, and being open to listen to them will allow the young adults to be in a better position to handle various situations as they come. Moreover, this enables them to be well prepared for the realities of life in college and away from home, equipping them to be ready for anything.


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