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Getting Pregnant During Covid-19 Pandemic.

Updated on May 7, 2020
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Tracy spends time researching on a wide range of lifestyle influencing subject matters, parenting and human relationships top the list.

Why You Shouldn't Get Pregnant Yet.

From graduation till a few months ago, my life seemed to move fast, really fast. You know how fast a race runner goes, switching from lane to lane, trying to get to the win line as fast as possible? Yea, like that. I got married three weeks after I finished my first degree at the university, had a baby 9months later, got a job two weeks after child birth, was mandated to resume work immediately, and since then I have engaged in some sort of paid employment every single day till COVID-19 brought my road-runny life to a screeching halt a few months ago.

Once my first born clocked 2 last year, my husband thought it was time we started trying for another baby, I thought so too but how was I going to manage? I could barely get by being present in my son’s life as I had to depend on a nanny to care for him most of the time. I would leave the house as early as 7 am for work, and not return or have any breaks in-between till 8pm or sometimes later when I got off work, and before I got home my son was usually already in bed. Weekends were not left out from the craziness as sometimes my job required that I show up at work on Saturdays and unfortunately some Sundays too. Considering all of this, we decided to put off having another child for later. I loved my career and really wanted to excel at it while having a family of my own, but was at lost on how I was going to successfully do that without messing up or one or the other.

Then the covid-19 showed up, like an apocalypse no one ever plans for. Without notice our lives drastically changed. I suddenly didn’t have to work long hard hours like I was formerly mandated to, I did not even need to leave the house if I didn’t want to. Thankfully, I now have so much time to myself, my son and my family as a whole. We even decided to discontinue the services of a nanny. It was the perfect time to do what we’ve always wanted to do? Let’s have another baby!

I began taking supplements, resting a lot and just getting my body generally prepared to bake a new baby. One fundamental thing I’m grateful I did, was research. I mean I had never experienced pregnancy in a pandemic and so wanted to get heads up information on what it would be like. What I found out didn’t seem fun at all and put our entire plans for a baby right now, on a hold. Below are a few of my findings, hopefully it educates any mum/woman out there thinking of using this prolonged stay at home to have to get pregnant.


It was the perfect time to do what we’ve always wanted to do? Let’s have another baby!

6 Reasons to Put off Pregnancy till COVID-19 Ends

1. A Repressed Immune System

Studies show that your immune system fluctuates during pregnancy. In the first 12 weeks which is also known as the first trimester of pregnancy, your immune system is heightened to allow the fetus get fully settled in, but then over the next 15 weeks your immune system is repressed to allow the fetal cells grow and develop. Since your immune system is fluctuating, and will be low for an extended period during pregnancy, you’re more susceptible to catch illnesses such as a cold, or the flu which is primarily as a result of your now low immune system. And now what other deadly virus could one catch due to a low immune system? The COVID-19.

2. Poor Mental health

What’s worse than getting the virus? The Anxiety of getting it. Spending all day and night constantly worrying about what could go wrong with your new baby, your family, your health and so on. It honestly doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience for anyone less a pregnant woman. For some women like me, anxiety levels tend to increase during pregnancy and the thoughts alone of having sky-rocket levels of anxiety during pregnancy makes me cringe. For an enjoyable pregnancy experience, it is fundamental that your mental health is at its best.

3. Limited Access to Support Systems

You would expect that a woman’s biggest support system is the man who got her pregnant. Well, if you have ever been pregnant, you would realize that this isn’t entirely always the case. The truth is, most pregnant women prefer support systems made up of female friends and family, while some go as far as joining support groups in their locale for pregnant women. It kinda feels refreshing when you are around people that can understand and relate to your condition because, well they are in the same condition too. With the COVID-19-influenced life style of social distancing, these support groups may no longer have physical meeting locations, or may not be as close knit as they used to be before, that would leave you with quite a lonely pregnancy.

4. A Shortage in pre-baby supplies

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my favorite hobbies included indulging my cravings and shopping for cute baby products. If you enjoy these things too, that may no longer be possible this period as most states only have essential services stores operational.

5. The Likelihood of an Economic Depression

I think this should be a strong reason to put a hold on your baby making plans. No one knows how bad this virus will hit the economy, would you really want to subject a new life to all the uncertainties and inadequacies an economic depression comes with?

6. Divorce

Psychologists believe that the stress of extended confinement and economic hardships associated with the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to a spike in domestic violence and divorce within the next year. Pregnancy is a very delicate period for any woman, emotionally, mentally and physically. It also comes with stress to both the woman and her partner. Compounding this stress with that caused by the Covid-19 isn’t really a good mix. The bitter truth is that Divorce is inevitable to some marriages, but quite easier to deal with when there are no children or less number of kids involved.


Making the most out of all the time we now have.

So what exactly am I going to spend all of this free time doing? I wanted so bad to turn the lemons covid-19 threw at me into lemonade but after my research, getting pregnant seemed like a choice set to only make things worse. And so here’s a list of things I decided to do instead.

1. Learn New Stuff

I now cook dishes I would never have dreamt of cooking, currently fine-tuning my coding skills and working really hard at improving my marketing and writing skills. What you decide to learn may or may not be career driven or educational. It may just be something fun you’ve always wanted to do or really enjoy doing.

2. Strengthen your Relationships

The relationship between my son and I has no doubt improved. I now understand so many things about him and it is really fulfilling to watch him grow while being an active participant in his development. He seems happier too. My husband and I are also working on so many things we never had the time to do as a couple, this has made our marriage stronger and love, refreshing.

3. Take Care of Yourself

I cannot adequately express how much rest I have caught! My skin is healthier, my body feels better, I maintain a great diet, I exercise as often as I would love to, I even discovered a wonderful and not so expensive regimen for hair growth and so my hair is healthier than it has ever been, all my life! My mental and emotional health has also greatly improved as I no longer need to deal with colleagues or clients constantly getting on my nerves.

There are a whole lot of things this period affords you the time and energy to engage in, and my research advices that pregnancy shouldn’t be one of them. The time would come, maybe sooner maybe later. Although, If you’re almost near menopause or have fertility issues, you may consider still trying to get pregnant but please be super prepared for it and put in plans for all the contingencies as stated above.

Be a kind one now and share this article with anyone who think may need it. Thank you for reading and till I write to you again, stay beautiful sophisticated queens!


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