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Why adultery is still a crime

Updated on February 26, 2015
Seems good but not really so.
Seems good but not really so.
It's an insult to marriage.
It's an insult to marriage.

Don’t be surprised if you find a couple mating on the highway, blocking the road with a banner –“Do not disturb.” If the recent court ruling of a South Korean court can be believed, now, do as much adultery as you want and no one is there to question your freedom of expression. Now, if you ask me what this means to me, it is pretty simple. This is outrageous.

Well, I don’t want to say that adultery is not happening in India, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make it a rule. I have never been to South Korea, but I do understand that the male mentality there is similar to that of males in India. By allowing adultery to flourish, the court is actually insulting the solemn ritual of marriage. I think the court will soon declare that marriage is a crime. Well, it is 21st century and everything is possible.

I am not a moral police, but as much as I believe, restricting sexual encounters makes us responsible. If we don't think two genders to be just objects of sexual gratification, there is enough reason to oppose the ruling. I can understand that people may have become too smart to accept such rules, but anything that destabilizes the well being of children is a crime for me.

Now, you may ask how it affects children. Well, we don’t marry and mate because we like to have sex. The human society is flourishing because we have a solid understanding of responsibilities and we take care of our children to make them able to deliver what is required to keep humanity intact. I don’t think once you discover that your spouse is active in adultery, you’ll have the same faith in the relationship. And when the factory itself is closed, its products are sure to suffer a lot.

Well, I like to be adventurous and there are some other options to me that can be utilized to satiate my needs. I watch porn sometimes, but that doesn’t hamper my relationship because, when I need it, I am well-aware that I can get it from my wife. Well, I have not married, but I am a responsible human being and I know that what I watch on porn sites is not in any way applicable to the society. I am aware that there are people who don’t think according to my principle, but I don’t really care for them. For me, an irresponsible person is an animal. Well, even if not in real.

I’ve heard the bizarre news on Facebook. So, there may be some effects added to the news, but even if it is exaggerated, it is really not very impressive. In one hand we have got one responsible news from Google not to allow porn on its platform. On the other hand, we have got such a bad news.

Well, allowing adultery has its own disadvantages too. It will really make women a sex machine because the chivalry men have will be unputdownable in South Korea now. Women are physically weaker than males and hence they will have to be submissive, even when men want to have sex with them forcibly. So, if women are not given enough power, this ruling can well go against them.

Some people may argue that it is applicable to everyone so there is no reason to take it seriously. But, human relationships are not so simple. There is an element called love, another element called trust, a third one called loyalty and numerous others that are going to be insulted aggressively by this ruling. I don’t know what the judges had in mind while making such a ruling, but I think this is like decriminalizing rape. If we can mate anyone, why should we avoid raping women? No?

Well, this is a blow to the foundations of human society too. We are not made only to wear condoms. We are intelligent specie that has the advantage of understanding the value of relationships. We are different from dogs and bitches and our respect for the other gender is a pillar of our institution of humanity. By making adultery a norm, the court has provided clues to the fact that sexual desire and unlawful crime is not an unacceptable option in humanity. So, go fucking as much as you desire and if you have any trouble making sexual partners, go to court seeking legal protection.

There are other ways to increase the birth rates, if that is the issue. Birth rate cannot be increased by increased unacceptable sexual relationships. It is easier to have sex that doesn’t result in conception. The rule will only increase the illegal and unethical sexual behaviour. The judges might have just permitted to an end of a healthy and wealthy human society without their knowledge.

I don’t see any future of such laws apart from a rise in sales of condoms. I think the next step is to create a sex room in schools so that such obnoxious ruling can be practically made available to the teens. There is an option to ban having children too. Only god can save South Korea from a catastrophe now. But, we are too mechanical in our thoughts now. There are many people out there who would like to support it. I have only one sentence for them.

We know our dad was a motherfucker, but we don't like the latter.

© 2015 Probir Banerjee


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