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Why babies are weaned from breast – milk too soon

Updated on February 16, 2016

Breastfeeding - BabyCenter


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Differences between kwashiorkor and marasmus

Mother's milk is best for the baby

Mother's milk is a natural, balanced food and requires only the minimum supplementation to form a perfect diet. Mother's milk contains soluble carbohydrate (lactose), fat, proteins, mineral salts (especially calcium and phosphorus for bone and teeth formation), and practically all the Vitamins. Mother's milk also contains protective proteins called antibodies which protect the baby from diseases. Mother's milk is easily digested and leaves no waste matter. All these qualities make the mother's milk best for the baby.

We have seen that both the protein – energy malnutrition, diseases, kwashiorkor as well as marasmus, arise when mothers stop breast feeding the babies so that they have to live on deficient diet. We shall now discuss why babies are weaned from mother’s milk too soon.

1. The first reason is inadequate production of milk in the mother's body. Due to poverty, the lactating mothers are not able to get a protein – rich diet. A protein deficient diet taken by the mother does not produce sufficient milk for the baby. Moreover, even this milk dries up after a short time and the child in forced to live in all sorts of deficient diets.

2. The second reason is frequent pregnancy. In many families, a second child arrives, even when the first child has not been fed properly and come of age. Due to early arrival of the second child, the first child is deprived of the precious mother's milk, leading to malnutrition. Thus, the important ways of reducing the malnutrition, diseases like kwashiorkor and marasmus are: two widely space the birth of children; to improve the mother's diet, and to continue breast feed the babies for as long as possible.





Differences between kwashiorkor and marasmus


1) Kwashiorkor is a disease due to the deficiency of protein in the diet of children. 2) In kwashioker, the child gets oedema (swelling of the body) due to the retention of more water in the body. 3) In kwashiorkar, the skin of the child becomes dark and scaly. 4) there is no wasting of muscles (degeneration of muscles) of the child in kwashiorkar. 5) Kwashiorkar occurs in children from age of 1 to 5 years old.


1) Marasmus is a disease due to the deficiency of protein as well as carbohydrates and fats in the diet of children. 2) there is no oedema in the children suffering from marasmus. 3) There is no change in skin colour in marasmus. 4) In marasmus, as a result of wasting of muscles (degeneration of muscles), the child is reduced to skin and bones. His ribs look very important and his limbs (arms and legs) become very thin. 5) Marasmus occurs in infants of up to one year of age.

Some Diseases Caused by Malnutrition


Deficiency diseases

The main reason for the deficiency diseases is poverty. The poor people in our country as well as other developing countries do not get sufficient, balanced food. The masquerade and unbalanced food lead to deficiency, diseases due to which people become weak and sick. The condition in which the people become weak and sick because of insufficient and unbalanced food is called malnutrition. Many people in our country and other developing countries suffer from malnutrition because they cannot buy enough food due to poverty. Though malnutrition is bad even for grown – ups, the effect of malnutrition on children is extremely bad. Malnutrition is a curse on children because it retards their growth and causes physical and mental disabilities. Such a child becomes a burden on society.

The deficiency disease is of three types. 1) Protein – Energy deficiency diseases or Protein – Energy Malnutrition (PEM). 2) Mineral deficiency diseases, and 3) vitamin deficiency diseases.


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