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Why do husband help their wife in the house and why do wife work to help their husband?

Updated on July 28, 2016

Who watch our children

now a days both parents have their own work.after other hard work in office or other field.there tired and exhausted and they have no time with their child.

So who watch the children when parents are busy with their paperwork's.i n the third world country parents,especilly their fathers have no time with their children's because their busy with their friends,going out,drinking alcohol.mothers have their own business also.instead of helping their children's homework they go out with their friends asking what's the latest rumors in their neighbors.


We have to watch our children's how they participate in school especially school activities and their homework for them to reach their ambitions and want to be in the future.whom they are the one who will succeed us in near them what's best for them.

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