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Why is it good to change up your day to day routine?

Updated on June 1, 2017

Why is it good to change up your day to day routine?

Why do people have routines? Think about it. Well, I will tell you my reasoning for this. People have routines for their own organization you don't want to be doing limitless amounts of things all the time, just for the sake of doing limitless amounts of things. If people do that nothing gets done. That is why people have routines. If people don’t have routines they are all over the place. Changing up your day to day routine means you might get something new out of the old things that you do every day. If you change up your day to day routine, you will either love it or hate it all at once. I know this because I have done it and sometimes I hate it. When I have something planned but then something else comes up that makes me have to change my plans and the entire, routine of the day is changed. Sometimes it helps with your thought organization. Something that you never thought of will pop into your head and it will be better than your original thought.

It is good to change up your day to day, routine because after a while doing the same thing over and over is boring. Don’t you think? Everyone likes routine and that it change it up a bit so that you get some flavor in your life. It is good to change up your day to day routine because you might learn new things when you do so. People don’t like getting bored with what they are doing, in their day, do they? If you do the same, the thing every single day you don’t even need to think about it do you?

If you have gotten into the habit of having your daily routine do you change it up? I know that some people have routines and keep to them, not changing them up just to do something different. You don’t want to be predictable, all the time do you? Some people do, but there are those people who like a change in their life, and the best way to get change frequently is to change up your day to day routine. I like routine, although I can live with changing it up every so often. For example, my routine this week was changed up because I went to Toronto on Wednesday, Wednesday is usually the day I clean the house so I cleaned on Tuesday. With my writing, my routine changed too because I usually write two, or three pieces a day and I did, but since I didn’t have my laptop they didn’t get posted when they usually would have. My day to day routine is usually writing all morning and then at about two in the afternoon I stop. If I want to write later then I do that but if I have other things going on like the Toronto trip I will write when I can.

I got the chance to think about things when I wasn’t writing and doing other things. Sure it wasn’t my daily routine but sometimes changing up your routine is better. It opens you up to different things and you can think of different things to blog about. When you change up your day to day routine, things happen that you would never expect. Which in the long run is better because it helps you see things in a new light doesn’t it? I don’t like changing up my day to day routine all the time, but when I do, I learn something from it. Isn’t that what life is all about learning new things? Which changing your routine can teach you. So yes people can be stuck in their ways, but if you are getting bored of it, why not change it up, you will be surprised with the things you learn and the new experiences you have. New experiences are great to open new doors and welcome new opportunities and who doesn’t like that? This is why in my opinion it is good to change up your day to day routine.

Why it is good to change up your day to day routine?

Do you ever change up your day to day routine?

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Repetitiveness is Limitless

Routines are meant to keep you doing things over and over again so that they get done, like cleaning your house or getting work done at a specific time if you work from home or have to bring work home. Although it is good to change up your daily routine so that you have variety in your life and don't get bored, for example, if you always cook the same food each week and you are getting bored of eating it, why not try cooking something new that you haven't done in awhile. Our palettes need change to always remember that. Changing up our daily routines is to keep us on our toes, and make us look at things differently.

Routines are limitless but that doesn't mean they have to be boring too. They can be fun and interesting that is what keeps a person in a routine anyway isn't it? Keeping their routines interesting and fun so that they continue to do them and not get bored. If you feel bored from what you are doing, then change what you are doing, and make it work for you. Change up your routine a bit and see if that helps you.

Routines are good when they are put in place because you are committing the repetitiveness of what you are doing to memory. Which is good so you won't forget it. But it is good to do it in a different order sometimes to keep your brain from going into sleep mode while doing what you are doing every day. If you do the same thing over and over again and don't change it up your brain won't work as hard, you will be going through the motions but you won't really be getting anything new out of your routine which is essentially what you want, when going through routines doing different things I mean.

A great quote about changing up your routine
A great quote about changing up your routine

Routines change but they are still routines

Routines are limitless because even though you feel as though you are doing the same thing over and over again, which is what you are doing. Routines can change on a dime. If you day changes then your routine will change. Do you have a routine through your day and when it changes how do you adapt?

Do you change up your day to day routine sometimes and why do you do it? Let's Discuss

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