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Why steal?

Updated on August 25, 2012

When I was young my parents taught me that stealing was bad, no matter what it was. But sometimes I think that parents seem to not be teaching their children about it or maybe not as much. The reason I bring this up is because lately we have been dealing with people stealing DVDs or even Cd's at the library that I work in.

It started with just one DVD and then it continued with more. When it is only one DVD, one as a staff member hopes that it doesn't happen again. However, whoever decided to steal the first DVD wanted to get away with it again and sure enough they did. The branch manager decided to move the DVDs to another area where it was more visible to watch, but somehow that didn't help. So we took more measures such as taking all the most popular ones and putting the DVDs in the back and the empty cases back on the shelf. The process took a little bit long but managed to finish it. Now the people who want to check out the DVDs from the library have to ask for the DVDs up front.

That seemed to help control the number of DVDs being stolen but now they are stealing music Cd's. We have people who come up to check out some Cd's and some are missing. As our branch manager said we cannot keep everything in the back, so we just have to hope that we don't lose a lot of our Cd's because what a lot of people don't know is that it is their tax money that goes to the city.

With all this being said, my question would be why steal from a library when you can check them out for free. Sometimes it gets me thinking that those people who steal are not being smart whether they are adults, teens or even kids. What did they learn as they grew up, whether it is stealing from anyone or even a store, did they learn it was okay or wrong?


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