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Winnie the Pooh Baby Clothes

Updated on August 31, 2017

Winnie the Pooh (also called Pooh Bear) is the fictional character created by AA Milne about a story of a boy Christopher Robin.

It was named after his own son's (named Christopher Robin Milne) teddy bear.  All of the other characters of the Winnie the Pooh stories except for Owl and Rabbit were also toys of his son.

The story of his name is interesting.  Christopher had named his teddy bear after a real live bear called Winnie at the London Zoo.  The Pooh part of the name came in the first chapter of the original story in which because his arms were stiff and were hard to move, whenever a fly landed on his nose he had to blow it off making the pooh sound.

It has been a classic and loved story since the first book was released in 1926.

In 1961, Walt Disney Productions purchased the licence and since then there have been numerous movies and television series about the lovable bear.

For this reason it is no wonder that Winnie the Pooh has become such an iconic children's character and one of the most popular designs for nurseries and baby clothes not to mention soft toys and other merchandise.

Often stores only stock Winnie the Pooh baby clothing in certain seasons so the best place to find it is at garage sales, consignment shops or places like eBay.

The following is the current list of Winnie the Pooh clothing at eBay.

You can get Winnie the Pooh clothes for babies, children, teenagers and adults.  There are actually some really cute designs and playful clothing options (and yes, even boys love Winnie the Pooh). 

I've always really loved the pyjamas and slippers, but I've seen some really adorable baby clothing as well.

Winnie the Pooh baby clothing can make a great gift idea for new mother's as well.


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