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Winsome Child.

Updated on March 28, 2017
Winsome Child.
Winsome Child. | Source

The story of one abused child but there are thousands out there suffering physical, mental and sexual abbuse every day. take note of any child who looks fearful

Winsome Child.

The last time that I came

to visit at an old friend's house,

I noticed that his daughter

was as timid as a mouse,

She had always been a winsome child,

just as precious as can be,

but what I was now observing,

it made no damn sense to me?

Cause every time he spoke to her

she'd wince a little bit,

and whenever he was near her

she would cringe like she'd been hit.

There was terror in her bright, blue eyes

that I knew did not belong,

fear I'd seen so many other times

in families gone wrong.

I'd been in the Marine corps

with the military police,

and I'd busted several men

who liked to take their liberties

Using their own family members

to hurt any who displeased

so when she went up to go to bed,

I brought him to his knees.

Winsome Child....

trapped in a life defiled

by your Daddies angry fists gone wild

time can never erase

all the battles that you've faced...

but perhaps you'll win some now.

I hit key spots that weakened him

his face it questioned why?

but I had no words to speak to him

till I'd let all my rage fly.

Then I looked him in the eyes and said,

"I know what you have done,

you've been beating up your daughter

Man, I wish I had my gun."

His face lost all it's color

and he offered no defense,

cause I'd spent that night surrounded

by his damning evidence,

His winsome Child

trapped in a life defiled

by her daddies angry fists gone wild

time can never erase

all the battles she'd faced,

but I know she'll win some now....

Then I promised him that I'd be back

to check on her each day

and I'd put his foul flesh in the ground

if she was hurt in any way.

Then I called up social services

and I bent some ladies ear,

while he lay cringing on the floor

hoping I would not come near.

Then I kicked him where it hurt the most,

yelling "I hope I've made it clear

if your daughter suffers anymore

you're just gonna disappear."

Winsome Child

trapped in a life defiled

by your Daddies angry fists gone wild,

time can never erase,

all the battles you've faced

but I know you'll win some now

yeah for sure,

you'll win some now

winsome child.....

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
MFB III Productions-©-2013

For all the abused children both physically and sexually
Godspeed to a complete healing....


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