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Women In Their 40s Tend To Give Birth To Less Intelligent Children

Updated on December 20, 2015

Are you aware that the experts are saying if you are a woman, you can increase your risk of giving birth to a less intelligent and overweight child if you wait until you are in your 40s before giving birth? This must come to many people as a shock or surprise. Heck, it came to me as a shock when I first heard it in the news.

According to researchers from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, women who give birth for the first time when they are in their 40s increase their risks of giving birth to children who not only become overweight but who are also not very intelligent.

Based on what the researchers are saying, it simply means that a woman who waits until she is in her 40s to start a family runs a high risk of giving birth to a child who will end up not being as intelligent as his or her colleagues. And on top of this, the child might also suffer from obesity issues.

The interesting thing about this new study is that it also revealed that children born to women who are in their 30s have the greatest chance to be extremely smart. This is obviously good news for any woman who starts a family between the age of 30 and 39.

The study, which was published in the official journal of The Society for Biodemography and Social Biology, went on to also reveal that children born to women within the age group of 23-29 tend to suffer the same fate as children born to mothers in their 40s.

But why does this happen?

Why is it that older mothers increase their tendencies of giving birth to children who are less intelligent and prone to being overweight? Does it have anything to do with the health risks or medical complications associated with childbirth in older women?

We all know that an older pregnant woman has a higher risk of suffering from pregnancy and childbirth complications than a younger pregnant woman. The thing with childbirth at an older age is that as women grow older, the higher their risks of being overweight and suffering from various conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Older women also tend to have weaker bodies than younger women. This is the reason why it is more common for older pregnant women to have caesarean sections or have their labors induced than it is for younger women.

But does this have any relationship with older women increasing their risk of giving birth to less intelligent or overweight children?

According to Dr Alice Goisis (the study’s author), the study wasn’t able to find a connection between the health risks that older women face during childbirth and their likelihood of having less intelligent and overweight children.

Despite the fact that the study wasn’t able to tell exactly why women in their 40s increased their risks of having overweight and less intelligent children, Dr Goisis suggested that there is a high likelihood that socio-economic factors play a role in it.

It is worth noting that the researchers were also unable to give a concrete reason why they claim that children born to mothers in their 30s had a higher chance of being smarter than children born to mothers in their 40s.

The researchers were however quick to warn people that the results of their study weren’t conclusive.

What’s your take on this study?

What do you think about this study from the researchers from the London School of Economics? Do you think it is a relevant study?

What do I think about this study?

I read the entire study, and all in all, I think the study wasn’t very relevant. On top of this, the study also left a lot of questions unanswered. The only valuable thing I think I learned from the study was the fact that the average woman in the United Kingdom gives birth to her first child around the age of 28. In the 1980s, the average woman in the United Kingdom used to give birth for the first time around the age of 24.

Despite what the researchers from the London School of Economics are saying, I don’t think that a child born to a woman in her 40s has a higher risk of being less intelligent and overweight than a child born to a woman in her 30s.

Why do I say this? I say this with a lot of confidence because of two major reasons. The first reason is because the researchers weren’t able to come up with any solid proof or evidence to support their claims. The second reason why I say this is because of the fact that I have personally seen a lot of first-time mothers in their 40s who have given birth to perfectly normal babies that have ended up being very smart people with no obesity problems. A good example of this is the case of one of my friends at work who is the only child of his parents. His mother gave birth to him when she was around 43. He is one of the smartest people at work. Also, he isn’t overweight. I know several other cases like that.

That is my opinion. What is yours? Do you agree with the researchers?


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