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Wonderful Roles Grand Parents Play in Lives of Children!

Updated on January 19, 2014

Focus on the wonderful role grandparents play in the lives of young children by:

Giving of themselves When we make time for young children, something wonderful happens....

we become embedded in the child's memory.

A few moments on the porch listening to the birds,

a walk down the street to visit a neighbor's dog,

or just sitting together and looking out the window at the snowflakes--

these moments make a young child feel secure, loved,

and able to better understand the world of which she is a part.

Bringing Comfort and Culture ....

grandparents offer soothing care -

the gentle, familiar voice of a grandparent can offer comfort

and can calm an upset child. ....

grandparents help us discover our roots -

whether a native language or a favorite family recipe,

children discover their background and understand themselves

better through the things their grandparents share...

and grandparents often discover how creative they can be!

Second Time Around Grandparenting often brings opportunities

to do things you have not done in years--

coloring, playing on a swing set, going to a play ground.

You have been bless...

passing the blessing along, doesn't make the blessing disappear, it makes it grow bigger.

God bless you ♥


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