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World's Youngest Mother

Updated on January 16, 2012

Precocious Puberty is the term for young girls who have reached child bearing capablities physically at a very young age.

1st: Lina Medina of Ticrapo Peru

5 years, 7 months, 21 days

In the world of young birth mothers, five year old Lina Medina of Ticrapo Peru is still the reigning queen. In 1940, Lina stunned the medical world by giving birth via C-Section to a healthy 6 pound 43 ounce son that she named Gerardo after her doctor. During a medical investigation, it was discovered that Lina had begun menstruating at 18 months of age. She also had pelvic widening and advanced bone maturation, mature sexual organs, and breast development in keeping with findings for precocious puberty. The identity of the father was never discovered, though her own father was arrested for a short time facing rape charges. It is speculated that in Lina's village, various festivities were held that ended in orgies and rape; Lina was unable to provide any answers as to the father's identity. Her son died of an unrelated bone marrow disease at the age of 40 in 1979, but Lina is still alive and doing well at 78 years old; she had married and in 1972 gave birth to another son.

2nd: Liza of Ukraine

6 years

In 1934, a Ukranian girl known as Liza gave birth at the age of 6. Sadly, her case appears to be one of incest involving her grandfather, and the baby was stillborn. Liz underwent the birth naturally.

3rd - Patient H

6 years, 8 months

An Indian girl known only as H. gave birth in 1932 at age 6 years, 8 months. Delivered via C-Section, she had a healthy baby girl. She claims to have never menstruated, but she successfully nursed her daughter for almost nine months.

4th - Anne Mummenthaler

Successfully gave birth at 8 years and 9 months.


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