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World’s Only the True Relation - Mother

Updated on May 29, 2012

The world’s most truthful and beloved relation is the relation between a mother and her baby. The kid relation with his mother is always begins somewhat earlier than the other relations with the baby in the world. This is because of the baby resides at the womb of the mother for a period of nine months before coming in the world. Thus the relation with his mother begins nine months earlier than the many other relations with the baby. There is always a very good coordination between the mother and the kids during in which the child’s love and mother’s emotional attachment has been inhibit.

Within this silent and lovely tour of nine months, the mother and her baby physically, mentally and emotionally become attached with a very pleasant relation of love and safety with each other. After the birth of the kids, the first word from the kids always is being listened as “Maan”, “Mom” or “mummy”. These all words are synonym of the mother. These words give the greatest feeling to the affection of the mother and give an encouragement and an increased efficiency to the mother in terms of the fulfillment of his child’s requirement and to solve his problems without his indication or telling a word.

At one hand the “Maternity” is a very happy and beautiful feeling in case of ladies while on other hand, it is like a very hard examination of her life because of the mother is treated as a primary education for her child. The culture and the personality of the mother have great impact on her child. Thus the future of the child always depends upon her mother. It may not be forgotten by the mother that with the growth of the child, he have to create his own identity in the society and the world. So, being a responsible mother for society and family don’t forget these points while giving love to your kid.

In today’s condition, it is also a very big challenge for a mother to take care of her child in a better way. The talent of the child always needs to be developed on the basis of their age and efficiency so that they can create a better place in this competitive world. Also it is necessary to take care of the like and dislike of the child and give full love to your child which will encourage him to get the set targets and improve their creativity also.



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