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Ya Just Gotta Love Family, Right?

Updated on August 26, 2009

HAHAHA. my mom!

Although you don't feel like it all the time, you love your family, right? In fact I didn't even like I loved my family about 15 minutes ago. But I know I do right? Right. I've been through more stuff with my mom than anything. We don't always agree on things and I used to blame her for a lot things... But I love her. Hell, I look just like her! Well... everyone else says I do.

I hate that I'm sensitive and easily hurt and I get that from my mom. But I don't blame her for it. It sucks dealing with extremely thick hair, and that's from her, too. But I don't blame her for it either. I think that in the past year I've grown and matured a lot. I don't blame my mom anymore for those terrible 7 years. I've learned not to curse in front of her, especially when we're in an argument. Trust me, you don't wanna curse in front of her, either. Not unless you wanna be told "you better not curse in this house" that is.

Recently, like within the past few days I got some slightly scary news about my mom. I was with my dad, as I had been since the day before and my mom has been getting sick constantly for weeks. So my stepdad calls me and tells me that my mom went to the doctor that morning and they took seven tubes of blood from her and were testing it for all kinda of things... including swine flu or however you spell it. Thank God she doesn't have it, though. But I would've been sooo scared and upset if my mom had been reallly sick. Just cause we don't always get along doesn't mean I don't care. :)


My sistaaa, M.

As you can see, my sister is M. She's my one and only sister (blood-related, anyway). I can definitely say we've come a long way in our relationship. We've never been closer than we are now, and I'm proud to say that. She's also come a long way herself what with all the drugs and everything she was doing for a while. But once she got pregnant (with her now son) and started going to cosmetology school, she really turned herself around.

I remember this one time we were walking down the street holding hands singing as loud as we could, "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. And just yesterday we took my nephew to Wonderland in OC. We took him on all the little kiddie rides with us. And when the rides stop he would start making all this noise as if to say, "why'd the ride stop?!"

Even though we've been through a lot, I love my sister and we're really close. We tell each other pretty much everything. and I can talk to her about anything. It was amazing when she actually was still pregnant after like, 4 months with her son, though. Because before that, she had 2 miscarriages. I don't think anyone thought that she was actually going to have a baby the third time she was pregnant. But on December 4, 2008 she popped out a baby boy =D

I really don't know what I'd do without my sister, though. Like if I was an only child? Heck, no. I would never wanna be an only child. I would never wanna live without my sister.

Don't ask?
Don't ask?

Well, well it's JJ.

Boy. What can I say about him?


Age he acts: 3

Age he really is: (well I really shouldn't tell you that...)

Okay, so anyway. He's been married to my mom for just about a year now. and well, he's a very interesting person. (but that's a story for another time). He's got 2 kids he never sees cause well, basically their momma's not so nice. So, one day I'd like to meet my brother who's 5 days older than me and my sister who's a year older than me.

He's actually the one who got me started with this whole blogging thing :) and I'll say I'm enjoying writing and stuff. It kinda relaxes me and gives me time to myself. Anyway, I definitely have to say that we've come a long way since we've met. I mean, when we first met I wanted nothing to do with him. But you know, he makes life fun. And although he is SOOOOO embarrasing, I know he cares. But it took me a while to trust him.

Last summer he married my mom in August. So at this open mic I played a song for him. Not just a song though. I wrote it for him for their wedding. But I couldn't wait til their wedding so I played it on his son's birthday and he criiiieeedddd.

We've both definitely had our fights but I will never forget the advice he has given me. He helps with a lot of stuff. and he's really understanding so he's easy to talk to. so um yeah. that's JJ.

Well, that's my grammy.

I know she looks a little.... welll, oddd but she's not as creepy looking as she looks in the picture.... Haha. I edited the pic on the camera.

Anyway, she's the best in the world. =] Everybody loves her. Once, my friend met her and said, "Your grandma is so cute!" My grandma is definitely where my stepdad got his humor from. Wanna hear a funny story?

In 8th grade, we were moving and my grandma was helping us and I said to her, "Did you get a haircut?" So she turns around and looks at me with a serious face and says, "I took a hot shower and my hair shrunk."

Me: Really?!

My best friend: Robyn, hot water doesn't shrink your hair.

My grandma: (laughing)

That story always makes everyone laugh. We still laugh when we talk about it. She's like the greatest grandma, though. She always knows the right thing to say when I'm having a bad day or when I'm just not getting along with my parents. She's like a miracle worker. She always knows how to make me feel better and it's amazing how she does it. :)

Ayyyy pops!
Ayyyy pops!

You know... This guy's hilarious. He says the craziest things sometimes, but you know what sucks? I don't know how long he's going to be around because he has Alzheimer's. (did i spell that right?)

Everytime I'm around him I can't help but laugh. I like listening to him tell me stories from when he was younger... It's funny, though because one minute he's talking about one thing and the next something totally different. It's still cool to listen to him though.

One time I brought my friend with me to Friendly's and my grandpa was there and the whole time my friend and I were laughing. He's got such a great sense of humor. We've all learned to laugh instead of be sad when he can't remember things. He doesn't even know who I am most of the time. I'm referred to as "the girl" and my mom is "the boss".

But anyway, he's awesome. You'd be lucky to know him and we're all gonna be really upset when he's gone. now's our time to spend time with him. :) I'm going to breakfast with him in the morning !


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