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Yes! I am a Mom at 16.

Updated on February 20, 2013

pregnant at 16

Teen Pregnancy

Yes, I’m a Mommy at 16!”

Being a teenage mom has been one of our most popular issues in society today. We have had so many of our teenagers getting pregnant, and in turn this is leaving problems for not only the teen girl but her family, the father, the child, her peers and others in society.

Many of our young girls are getting pregnant at such young ages and we have to ask could it be the parents who are at fault for this occurrence , is society teaching our children wrong, or is it simply just our teens themselves?”

I believe it is certainly the focus of our teens that are creating this problem. Teenagers today are definitely un-focus. They are not focused on the important aspects of life such as education, careers, and ambitions. Too many of our teen girls are putting too much time into the wrong things. It is shameful the amount of teenagers between the ages of 14-18 getting knocked up. We need to talk to our teens, get them to engage in more appropriate activities as joining different clubs like a social club, a multi-cultural club or even an art club, playing sports, volunteering at local community organizations, being more involved in school such as running for class president. Our teens should not be focused on the other sex and having relationships. Having a kid at such young age only takes away the youth in the teen, it takes away time spent with friends and having fun, it takes away so much and just puts too much in becoming an adult at an early age.

This issue has really become an epidemic in our society, We need to suppress this epidemic or it will continue to grow and we won’t have our babies being babies and the youth they should be but have our children growing into parents that they shouldn’t be.

It is far too many teens that are becoming parents and it is up to our adults to really put in the footwork to find out what's the deeper issue. What could be effecting our teens, what is it that they care about, and what we can we do to prevent this. Our young teen girls needs more guidance and motivation to follow their dreams, and to know that boys will be there, sex will be there. If only they wait to involve theirselves in sexual activities, they will reap the benefits.

Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable, and abstinence is the number one key to this, given that a teenager is still a child, sex and a child does not mix. So we need to take a stand and help our teen girls put an end to this issue. However, this does not only apply to our girls, but to our young boys as well. So teens, if you are feeling that you are wanting to take that huge step engaging in sex, think about it first. "Ask yourself is this the right time, am I going to be with him/or her forever, Do I really want to do this?" Think about it. Trust me, you will realize that it is so worth the wait!


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