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You Can Baby Proof Your Home

Updated on August 18, 2012

Dont Pay A Lot Of Money To Baby Proof Your Home You Can Do It Yourself

That's right you can save a lot of money by babyproofing your home on your own. Babyproofing is pretty simple it just takes a little time and knowing how to use a few simple tools to do it and hey all the parts come with directions, imagine that, we can all read directions right. So what exactly are you going to need to do? Go around your whole house and count all of the cupboards and drawers. Bathrooms, kitchens laundry rooms it doesn't matter it's hard to believe how far away your little one can get without you noticing once they start crawling. Okay now speaking of laundry rooms and kitchens and bathrooms now is the time to look in those lower cabinets and see what kind of chemicals you have under there. Whatever you have you need to move to the upper cabinets and put paper products or towels or what have you on the bottom cabinets. This way even if your little one gets past the lock or then it's just a funny story and not a call to the poison control or worse. So now you know how many drawer locks you need and cabinet locks you need just add it to your list.

Electrical outlets need to be covered also so go around the house and count all the electrical outlets. Now remember all those power strips you have with only one or two things plugged into them yet they have five outlets on them, try to consolidate some of these power strips or remove them or you will need to buy outlet covers for each unused outlet on the power strip.

Do you own a two story house? If so or if you have stairs of any kind, or even if you would like to keep your child in the family room kitchen area you will need a child gate. If you have stairs you will need a gate at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. This keeps your child from going upstairs when they are crawling toddler stage or if you want to go upstairs with your child you can close the gate at the top and they are safe from falling down the stairs. Once you know how many outlet covers and gates you need add those to your list.

Now count your toilets and see how many toilet locks you are going to need. I'm sure you are asking yourself why will I need a toilet lock? Well as your child starts crawling and pulling themselves up on things the toilet works great for that oh and by the way it's great for splashing and throwing things into umm like your cell phone. So add the toilet locks to the list.

About cords, they are probably the biggest choking hazard in your home. What am I talking about well the cords that hang off your blinds and the cords from those power strips we talked about earlier. The cords from the blinds you can either buy something or use the little metal thing that came with the blinds. The manufacturer usually has you mount it low by the floor but you should mount it up high on the window and use it every time. Those other cords make them as tight as possible so there is no play in the cord. You have been meaning to clean them up anyway . The cords around your T.V. also need to be cleaned up and they even make cord guides that all the cords hide inside of away from your child and it looks a lot cleaner.

Baby proofing your home

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Your List

Now that you have that list. Wow that's a lot of stuff. That justmike guy said this was going to be easy. Well I didn't really say it would be easy. It's about an afternoon but can save you a few hundred dollars. With your list you can buy all the drawer locks and cabinet locks, buy a couple extra they are cheap. Buy your toilet locks and gates don't buy extra unless you need them because they are costly. Now fix up all of your cords and I think you are set. Oh by the way do this before baby comes because after you don't have time for things like this. Seriously. Congratulations and happy parenting.


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