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You Come Home.Depressed.( Watch Kid Play Video ).

Updated on February 18, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Reward for results.( $ 10.00)

See flowers get de depressed.
See flowers get de depressed.
Pad with pencil for your exercise for De Depression.
Pad with pencil for your exercise for De Depression.

Table Turn.Calculations Start.

You come Home.

It is said that depression is reversible.That's what your Doctor tells and you are happy that your depression will go with the Drug given to you by your psychiatrist.

You read books on depression,surf the internet and you are amazed that that this depression leaves none even top experts on depression gets bottomed out.

Loss of interest in life is known as depression,watching TV they say makes you more depressed.

Why are you depressed or stressed.

1) you have no Job.

2) Daughter's Education at Fag end and she has to get engaged or work so as not to join you for company of depressed persons.This is more of a constant tension than depression.

3) Your Son is a bright boy he has to go to USA for his Masters in Engineering,a tension.

4) Your wife's health is a concern.

5) You are a diabetic now with BP added as Bonus.

6) There is nothing going in to your Bank a tension.

7) So many tensions becomes a stress.

Stress and Depression attracts your attention more than any news.You read more on depression and get more depressed that you are unable to come out or reverse this reversible disease.You meet your old friends and find that few are still working and making money.Few are working as Consultants,you keep trying for that and you have cast your net but waiting for a big fish,that is tension for you.This gets you depressed more.They say do something boring and you get De depressed.How can you do anything boring when you are depressed.You say it's stupid saying. Several years pass this way and you get a telephone call saying your old boss is wanting to meet you and should proceed right away.

You are now in your old shoes.

All the work you have done is a mess at your old joint.You roll up your sleeves and get to work not caring for your health.You fall sick,here is none to look after you except the Hotel Service Boys.Some how things are made OK but how can you straighten a Dogs tail.The bib boss needs more money so more miss management on financial side.You drop everything one day and you Come Home.

Whether you accept death or not you know you will get it.Sadness or depression is also a part of your life.Better you see a man die in his sleep rather than see him having one hell of pain.This is not about mercy killing when a man is put to sleep by a doctor.This is about a man who goes to bed normally and does not get up for ever.Depression is a pain with out any injury.If there is no injury why pain.There is no pain to your body.You impose it on yourself,you invite it.You are lazy to shut your door to depression.Open the door you have closed to Joy and Happiness.You can be happy under depression.Even a psychiatrist will have depression,if you go to him he will drug your brain.Feel Happy,take a long trip get to practice Yoga by joining a Yoga school.Practice some hobby like group singing,learn to play guitar,if you know practice.A 10 year old boy place guitar going to school and doing his home work see the video link given:-

If he can play so can you.

See the painting picture given.

Count the dots,circles,semi circles,triangles,1 inch lines,1+ inch lines,curves,alphabets,create words,where is a dog,what is it doing,how many colors are used,where is the word Fu*#,take a print out and use a magnifying glass,a pad and pen and write what you got number wise,do it again and check for numbers,get crayons and draw the picture.The picture above is 59 inch x 24 inch on canvas,so you may not get all the crazy things said above but you will get a picture.Paste it on a wall take another paper and practice.You will feel the change.It may be any of what is said above but it takes out your depression.You are and will be De Depressed.Start now and get De Depressed.


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    • skgrao profile imageAUTHOR

      S K G Rao. 

      8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks KUMARU.

    • surishiva.kumar profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      A wonderful photo and a marvelous painting.



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