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You Look Like a.... Baby?

Updated on July 25, 2013


Our own little Georgie.
Our own little Georgie.

Decisions Decisions

When you find our you're expecting, you're overcome with such joy. You imagine that little baby burrito in your arms and you can't help but to just love it forever before you even meet that little person. Some people want to wait to find out the gender, some want to wait to name it until after they see its face. The name is important though; you can destroy a child with the wrong name. Okay, maybe that's exaggerating but it does have a habit of defining a child for the rest of their life. I was named Brianne, and I to this day hate the name. No one can pronounce it properly and half the time they think it's really "Brian" and look confused when they see a female standing in front of them. I gave up correcting people on how to pronounce it, and less people can even spell it. Only a select few can call me Brie, but I almost rather it because at least they can't screw that up.

Naming a child is stressful. There are millions or billions of names you can choose. They have so many books and websites to help parents name their child. Then it's not just a name; you have to decide how to spell it too. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. My first son was named while I was at Barnes and Noble in the classical literature section. When I found out when I was pregnant again, I already had a girl name picked out and ready to go and I couldn't wait. Except it was a boy. We had the name "Rune" picked out originally, until we kept getting looks of "are you guys stoned?" We were stuck. People were helping out, offering names like Alexander or something with a strong meaning to it. Wait, so I have to worry about the spelling, the name, and the meaning? I was ready to hit my head against a wall repeatedly.

Finally one day, my husband texted me saying "I've got the name". Alright, I was waiting for something funky and crazy and I was excited. My husband texted and said "George Wayne". George was the name of my grandfather who had passed away shortly after my first son was born. My grandfather didn't have any sons to pass on his name, and our child would resurrect this name to pass it on to the next generations. Wayne is my father-in-law's name. We then decided to add a 2nd middle name to combine all the family together. I sat for a minute, trying to collect my idea on this. My husband, he's a traditionalist. He thinks most traditions exist for a reason and we should stick to them. I think tradition and sentiment is silly, but he was so proud of this name and I was touched he thought of my grandfather, who I apparently speak a lot about. Our son's name was a collection of important names in out family. We couldn't wait to tell everyone that we finally had a name.

First, we went to my mother and told her that we named her future grandson after her father. You could tell she was touched, but the first words out of her mouth were "I'm honored you want to do that, but are you sure about this? George is sort of, out dated and old man style." My mother-in-law was equally uncertain of the name, saying "that means 'farmer'. He won't succeed with a name that means 'farmer', you should pick something else." We stood by our choice, much to everyone's dissatisfaction. My father-in-law and stepfather-in-law loved the name, with the latter pointing out he had an older family member that had passed with the same name. Eventually the name grew on everyone and it stuck.

When he was born, the pediatrician that looked after him, a nice woman in her 60's, was incredibly happy over that name. "That's my husband's name! I can't wait to tell him, I haven't heard that name for a baby in years!". I was starting to reconsider the name, but I like older names. Our girl would've been named "Lenore". I remember his first doctor's appointment: the nurse came out to get us from the waiting room, and with a quizzical voice she said "George?". She looked confused, as if she expected a much older person rather than a tiny little baby.

He looks like a George though. He looks like he had the name he was supposed to have. I like that his name has meaning, it's traditional but was uncommon. I never went to school with anyone named George, and I only knew older people with that name. It was classic, and absolutely perfect. Apparently I'm not the only one, he's in good company with the recent birth of the Prince George. Everyone laughed and messaged me about Kate and William naming their child George. Now, there will probably be a whole new generations of Georges and I can say "first!". Except now he's going to have a royal complex, he already thinks he's a cute little prince. He's right.

He's Home

He does look like a George, doesn't he?
He does look like a George, doesn't he?

Naming the child

The name is a personal decision. It has to mean something to you, otherwise what's the point? Don't let people pressure you into naming your child something, or not naming them something. It's your choice. Now if you think a name like "Pumpkin" is good, maybe you should consider listening to your family. But you need to consider names that you find important or meaningful. It's a joint decision between you and your partner. Unless you don't have a partner, in which case you're lucky you can get your first choice.

When you name your child, remember they're the ones that will be stuck with that name for the rest of their lives. A name like "Apple" or "North West" might sound cute at first, but they're going to be the ones teased and bullied at school for it. Whether you do it before the baby is born our after, it's a choice you need to make for your family and you shouldn't have to stress about it too much. You're about to have 18 years of stress, don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy this moment!

Baby Names

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    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      I just went through the baby naming process with my first child and it was much harder than I thought it would be. As a young girl I had a list of names I liked, however when it came time to actually name our son nothing seemed to fit. I didn't like the nicknames, it didn't flow well with our last name, my husband didn't like it, ect...Personally I love old biblical names and names that are strong and have meaning, which means most people are hesitant about them but they eventually got used to his name and everyone loves it now. By the way your son totally looks like a George :)