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You are aPARENTly not a better mother than me

Updated on May 25, 2016

So, apparently, if my extremely difficult special needs child lived with you he would not act like a complete jerk. NOT! I have a teenage son with Bi-Polar Disorder, PPD, and ODD. If you aren’t familiar with those letters, without getting technical, they mean it’s in his nature to defy authority and basically don’t understand why everyone around them is ticked off at their behavior. The Bi-Polar takes that behavior and multiplies it by 10!. Just imagine your child wanting a cookie and you say no. Instead of a twenty min wine fest it escalates into an all-out disaster with screaming, crying, yelling, breaking things for HOURS!!! Yes, damn it hours. Really.

You don’t know how many times I have heard the line ‘Let me have him for a week. He wouldn’t do that if he lived with me’. First off your basically telling me I am shitty parent, thanks. Secondly you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Do you think I like going to therapy 2 times a week or getting phone calls at work from the school all day long? Do you really think I at home watching Day of our Lives while my family runs a muck? Please tell me sir/madame what you would do different when he calls you every swear in the book and proceeds to tear up the place because you won’t let him go out with the unsavory kids who use him and get him in trouble. And that’s when they hit you with ‘Nothing a good ass whoopin’ won’t fix.’

Hmm, I never thought about that(sarcasm). If that’s all it took I'd have a gold leather belt hanging on the mantle in every room illuminated by a spot light. Please, you can’t cure mental illness with beatings. You can make it worse though. It’s like they are some kind of super villain that feeds of negative energy and every heated debate, argument or ass whoopin makes them stronger. Seriously, it does. You will drive you own self crazy before you win an argument with a manic person. Some days I am amazed I am not an alcoholic. But you know better than me so…

I know you might be reading this and think I am exaggerating and I am making my child out to be some horrible person. I promise you I am doing neither. Actually I am being rather tame in my descriptions, you really aren’t ready for the truth. Trust me. And he is a great kid, but the disease would make Ghandi give him the side eye.

P.S. if this whole time you were reading this you were thinking if I put him on an organic gluten and sugar free diet the whole family would be sitting but the fire roasting hot dogs while listening to father read the latest Hardy Boys novel then I am packing his stuff and he will be over for a month. Yes, a month. He’s smart and it will take a good two weeks before he really shows his ass. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

In conclusion how a family chooses to deal with their child's mental illness is aPARENTLy Not any of your business.


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