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My Perfect Imaginary Morning

Updated on November 4, 2014

A Look Into My Morning

My phone begins to vibrate under my pillow. I lean over and look at the baby sleeping peacefully in his bed. I look over to my right at my snoring husband give him a kiss on his cheek, and tell him, time to start our day. He grins softly, without opening his eyes he turns away. I climb out of bed and tip toe up the stairs, to the kitchen I go to start a warm cup of coffee.

I turn thee Keurig machine on and let it warm up. Mean while, I walk to my daughter's bedroom and pull out her outfit for school, since I am to lazy to do it at night. I lay out her clothes. Give her a kiss on the cheek, and whisper time to go to school. She looks at me with an attitude, an expression that makes me grin a little, reminding me of the look my mother used to talk about when I was a kid. I tell her, time to get dressed, I am going to be back in two minutes. Quickly, I pullout out a baby bottle and throw in 6 ounces of water and 3 scoops of formula give it a shake and throw it aside. I pullout two cups throw some milk in them and put them to the side with the bottle. I throw a K-Cup in the machine, put a mug under the fountain and press the button for a large cup. Yell to my daughter, "Kaydence, are you dressed?" Grab the coffee run down the stairs. Hand the coffee to my husband, grab the baby, who is staring at me with a gummy grin. Change his soaked diaper, and run up the stairs.I grab his bottle, put him in his pack and play, and hand him his bottle.

Kaydence, comes out of her room. Her hair is a tangled mess and shirt is backwards and pants are inside out. Not able to hold back laughter I help her fix her clothes and give her a hug. I sit her down at the kitchen table and hand her her milk, and I begin to fix her hair. She looks up at me and asks, "is it library day?" "Thursday which is in three days" "Is it Friday yet, I could use a day off" "No, today is Monday, and you just had two days off," I tell her with a grin.

My husband comes up hands me his cup kisses me on the forehead and tells our Kindergartner its time for school. They walk away quickly to put their shoes on, and I run out to the porch to give Kaydence her snack, and to say one more goodbye.

I attempt to make another cup of coffee but something comes out of the other room. This thing comes out huffing and puffing and it is making these growling sounds. I am not sure but I am pretty certain this thing this animal is foaming at the mouth, shaking, wrapped in my two year old's favorite soft blanket. Begging me for breakfast.

I make some toast and eggs and stare at this beast, my 11 month old son does too, but tries not to make eye contact. After, the monster finishes the eggs and toast I threw on his plate he washes it down with some milk. Once everything on the plate has been finished I quickly can see a change from the sleep monster to my two year old son.

How do you start out your mornings?

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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Comparing my mornings to yours is like apples and oranges. No kids makes a world of difference. :)


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