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Your Baby Can Read, Does it Really Work

Updated on March 19, 2013

Benefits of Your Baby Can Read

If you have young children you probably have seen the ads on TV quite often for Your Baby Can Read. If you are like me, I wondered if it really worked and if so what was the benefit. I was not the only one sceptical of the claims of My Baby Can Read. When you watch the commercials it shows a baby being asked what a word says and it points to a body part that is on the picture. It also shows kids who look around toddler age supposedly reading the words on cards. So I investigated this, I talked to people who have used the program to get their input. One great thing is that the company does offer a complete money back guarantee. The other thing I wondered about is even if this did work, what was the benefit of a baby or toddler reading at such a young age. When school starts kids are put into the same kindergarten class, most of which will not be able to read.

My Baby Can Read

After talking to different people who had used the My Baby Can Read Program, I didn't have much on a conclusion to my question. Some said "Yes, absolutely," while others said "No way." When I asked the people who said no why they felt this way I was told it was just memorization. I was told it was just cards that kids/babies memorize what's on it. They said it had absolutely nothing to do with reading. There was no actual reading being done or being taught, I was told.


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