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Your Thoughts are Powerful

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Karin Steyn is a teacher with an Honors Degree in Teaching and Learning. She motivates and inspires teenagers every day.

Your Thoughts are Like Clouds


Your thoughts are like clouds. They drift into your conscious mind and drift out again. They never stay the same. Some linger as long as you keep them and others change shape as you add detail to them. After a while, the majority of your thoughts disappear. Yes, like clouds, your thoughts come and go, and some bear no meaning.

Your Thoughts Affect your Emotions

From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, your head is bombarded by thoughts. These thoughts develop from everything that you perceive and experience during the day. Each thought is a process of perceiving, experiencing and trying to make sense of your life. The thoughts that are of no interest to you will disappear quickly, but the thoughts that affect your emotions are the ones that stay. If you obsess over them, they will stay longer. Because your mind is extremely vulnerable to negative thoughts, you should learn to control anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

Your Thoughts are Like Stories

All of your thoughts influence new thoughts, in other words, the way you think. Your thoughts are stories that you tell yourself. Each story is your personal stories and only you can decide whether to believe them or to let them go. You are a unique person and because of this, you perceive and experience life differently to the way other people perceive and experience life. Your thoughts may be the same as another person’s thoughts, but the stories you create with these thoughts are unique. No-one knows about the stories in your head unless you speak of them. When you speak, your thoughts become your words and words have power. Not only do these words inform other people about the state of your mind, but they also form your reality. While your thoughts are silent in the mind, they remain stories, but, once spoken, you expose yourself to the world. You are what you speak.

Your Thoughts Are Imperfect

People hear your thoughts and create an impression of who you are. Because they perceive and experience life differently than you, they may hear your words, but they may not understand your story. They may even disagree with the way you voice your thoughts. This will affect your relationship with these people because their reactions to your spoken words will impact your emotions. The same can be said about the way you listen to others. You may hear their words, but you may not necessarily understand their story. People have a tendency to let their own thoughts and stories control the conversation. When you do this, you stop listening with intent to other people’s thoughts and stories. You need to allow room for flexibility. You will learn a lot about life from people if you learn to pay attention to what they are saying. What you think and the stories you create are not necessarily law or truth. Learn to listen to the opinion of others. All thoughts and all stories are imperfect, but there are lessons in everything you hear.

You Can Change Your Thoughts

Your mood is affected by the way you think. You’ll notice that during any given day, your mood never stays the same for very long. If you have negative thoughts, you will feel negative. If you have positive thoughts, you will feel positive. If you tend to be a negative-minded person, you should try to change the way you think. If you can change your thoughts every day, every second of every day, from negative to positive energy, you will be amazed at how much your viewpoint and actions will change in such a way that you will truly benefit. Monitor your thoughts by listening to what you speak. Are you constantly complaining or judging? Is your mind predominantly negative? You have the power to change this.

Your Thoughts are Like Seeds

Your thoughts, like clouds, come and go. They’re just stories made up by you. Don’t dwell on negative energy. Don’t share your negative stories with others. They don’t think the way you do. Once spoken, your negative words become new stories in other people’s minds. They will add their own details and opinions to your story, based on their own perceptions and experiences, and the story will change. It won’t be what you initially thought. So, don’t plant negative seeds in another person’s head. It will mutate and your intention will be lost. Instead of speaking about your mistakes and losses, focus on your hopes and dreams.

Your Thoughts Can Make You Sleep

Perhaps you have difficulty falling asleep at night. It may be caused by anxiety or depression. If you obsess about certain thoughts, your brain will continue to create stories and this will keep you from falling asleep. If you must tell yourself stories at bedtime, create positive stories. Add a lot of detail to the story. You won’t get far because your brain at bedtime doesn’t want to focus on detail. You’ll fall asleep quickly. Here is a simple example of a story that you can create at bedtime. Design your dream house. Focus on one area of the house each night. Add a lot of detail to that area, whether it’s the driveway or the front porch. The more detail you add to the picture in your mind, the sooner you’ll fall asleep.

Your Life Reflects Your Thoughts

The power of your thoughts comes from within. There is absolutely no limit to your thoughts. When you entertain a thought, you give it power. Only you can decide how much power you will give to your thoughts. When you are aware of your power to create, entertain, or let go of thoughts, you learn to control your power more effectively. Awareness is not obsession. Awareness is knowledge and knowledge allows you to control your thoughts. Your life is a mirror of what you constantly think. If you don’t like the way your life has turned out, start changing the way you think. Use your inner power and choose your thoughts wisely. Get rid of all the negativity in your mind. Stop listening to your inner critical voice. Build your self-esteem, gain confidence and strive to think only of positive things. The change must come from within.

Clouds Come and Go

Life is what it is. Clouds come and go. Thoughts, too, should come and go. Let go of all the negative energy that is draining you from enjoying your life. Treat yourself. Whatever is weighing down on you, learn from it and grow from it. The greatest lesson in life is the lesson of gratitude. Learn to be grateful in every living moment. This will help you to feed your mind with positive thoughts. Positive thinking is a way of life. It doesn’t happen overnight. It may take many years for you to develop a positive attitude. Just never give up.

© 2017 Karin Steyn


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