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Your Child's Safety During the Festive Season

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Grace is a mother of a lovely daughter and enjoys sharing her experiences as a mother with other mothers.

The festive season is that period of the year when families and friends get the chance and have the time to be together and create memories. People get filled with a lot of joy and excitement, they just want to relax and have fun, however, it is important to not be too relaxed as a parent when it comes to your children’s safety. Children need to be supervised all the time and during the festive season parents need to put extra measures in place for the sake of their loved one’s safety, just to ensure that a supposedly happy moment does not turn into a tragic incident. The following are ways in which you could ensure that your child does not get harmed in any way during the festive season:

1.Communicate with your child

Firstly you need to communicate with your child about the changes that will take place during that period. Your child needs to understand the importance of family gatherings and how to behave when they are in a different environmental setting, where there is a lot of people, especially people they do not spend much time with during the year. Always introduce your child to those friends and family relatives you are spending the festive season with, it becomes easier for the child to relax and not feel out of place. If you are having visitors over to your home, make your child aware on time and always ensure that any changes taking place to accommodate visitors does not make your child not feel at home in his/her own home.

2.Always keep an eye on your child during playtime

Child trafficking has been on the rise, therefore it is vital to keep an eye on your child even when they are playing. When you go to the mall and restaurants, do not leave your child unsupervised not even for a second and always accompany them to the restrooms. Even when you go to kids festivals with your kids sit where you can see them while playing. It is also advisable to not go alone with your kids to such events because once kids have sugary food and snacks, they become very energetic and are not easy to discipline. Therefore rather take someone you really trust with you, to help you with the kids.

3.Tell your child to let you know when someone makes them feel uncomfortable

It takes us back to the significance of communicating with your child and your child being able to open up to you. Remember that rapists and suspects of rape are not always strangers, sometimes they are people closely related to the child. Therefore you and your child need to have the kind of relationship whereby your child is not afraid to tell you when someone makes them feel uncomfortable in any way. In some circumstances, individuals who are abusive towards children usually manipulate them into believing that they are not supposed to tell their parents about the kind of relationships and conversations they have with them. As a parent let your children know how important it is for them to tell you things whenever someone says they must not tell you. Some children are not as open as others, so it is also advisable to have regular conversations with your children about how they feel or think of your family relatives and friends individually, how the child reacts and responds will give you an idea of the kind of relationship your child has with those close to you.

4.Protect your child from being a victim of drunk driving

During the festive season there is a lot of alcohol intake and some people get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Never allow children to play on the road, it does not matter whether the road seems quiet and not busy. Whenever you are travelling with your child, whether it is a short-distance or long-distance, always ensure that your child has a car safety belt on.

5.Distance your child from drunk friends, family relatives, and offensive individuals

In some cases, individuals under the influence of alcohol usually end up behaving in a disturbing manner. Children are not supposed to be exposed to traumatic and violent incidents. Distance your child from people who could be possibly harmful to him/her, for instance, avoid leaving your child alone with people who have been arrested and proven guilty for committing crime, especially crime related to child abuse. However, whichever approach you adopt in keeping the distance between your child and the possibly offensive individual, ensure that it does not cause any awkwardness or disrupt the occasion.

© 2019 Grace


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