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A Few Of My Favorite Things - About Me

Updated on April 12, 2013

About Me Lens Challenge

With all the things happening lately, I have not had time to really sit and write, so when looking at my Squidoo pages today I found I had not one but two quests. The first one was about doing an "About Me Lens Challenge" and I thought this is something I have yet to do, and what better day to do it on than a rainy day!

I had a look at some of the sample lens that were highlighted on how to approach this challenge/quest and I decided to go with a few of my favorite things... (as Julie Andrews sang in 'The Sound of Music.') So.... here goes...

My first favorite thing is a person... my husband, Tim. I met him when I was a mere teenager aged 18 at the beach where we camped as a family each year in summer.

From that memory there are a string of favorite things - the beach, the sun on my back, the smell of the sea air, the sound of seagulls cries overhead, lazy days of summer, the warm sand under my feet and trickling through my fingers and toes.... sigh!

Me and my siblings
Me and my siblings

Some Of My Favorite Things

~ Things That Are Special To Me From My Childhood

Where do I begin?

From my childhood I remember things like a favorite jumper knitted in blue with a nordic fair-isle patterned yoke... I loved this jumper till I grew out of it and then it was passed on to my younger sister to wear. I can tell you I was not happy to 'lose' it!

I liked a dress that had big purple flowers on a white background, until that too, was 'taken out of circulation.'

I guess that you could say that clothing in general is a favorite thing, especially colors and design.

When we were little, we lived in a house that my father built. In the backyard it had a vegetable garden to the left behind the garage, and to the back of property we had a fruit garden. In the middle of the backyard right at the back sat a three sided 'hut' big enough to hold the whole family (eight people) sitting down having an afternoon tea. We as children could play in there when the weather was slightly less than perfect, and I have very happy memories of those times. Beside the fruit garden the property was edged on the right side with a few trees, some plum and some poplar. In the first tree in that stand we as children built a tree-hut and it was one of my favorite places to be when I wanted some quiet time. When I got olde, gardening was always a way I could find that quiet time.

In the front of the house was a small lawn and to the right side two apricot trees - what bliss to lie under the tree at the end of a beautiful summer's day and pluck sweet, juicy ripe orange apricots to stuff hungrily into my mouth - mmmmmmm!

Kindy was another favorite childhood thing for me. I remember walking down our street and around the corner to the right and then going down a little alleyway to the Kindergarten building. I remember making finger paintings, dressing up, plonking on the piano that was there and playing with the water play 'table,' I even remember morning tea of apples and milk, how tasty was that, then!?

One of my most favorite things as a child was fresh unsliced bread! Unfortunately, I must have been hungry one morning and had popped over the road and had taken our neighbors half loaf and plucked the soft, warm center out of it and eaten it. I apparently popped the loaf shell back in her letterbox and disappeared home again. I was found out and Mum made good on my 'theft' with our neighbor. I believe it was something they laughed about together for awhile...

One other thing, no - two, from way back then... walking down the street with my sister pushing a pram containing our youngest twin brothers and the neighbors coming to the end of their driveways to 'ooooh' and 'aaaaah' at the two smilers! We smiled too and basked in their reflected glory!

The other thing was when we were small, my sister and I shared a double bed and at night we would play a game before going to sleep. One of us would draw a picture on the other's back with our finger and the recipient would have to guess what it was.

One of My Favorite Things - Movies

One of the things I really enjoy is watching a good movie be it funny or inspirational. My husband and I would go watch the latest Bond movie when they came out because he was a keen Bond fan and I soon joined him in enjoying them.

One of my first movies as a teenager was The Sound of Music which inspired by teenage imagination about romance... another favorite was 'The Island of the Blue Dolphins' which I found rather haunting.

But the very first movie I remember seeing was when I was under five, and it was the first edition of 'The Nutty Professor,' the one before the Jerry Lewis movie.

Here they are so you can watch them too...

Me and Jeannie a few months old
Me and Jeannie a few months old

Some More of My Favorite Things

Growing Up

As I entered adulthood I added to my favorite things, with the original things never lessening.

I had a baby at 19 years and she became one of my favorite things. I thought she was absolutely beautiful and I know that they say parents are biased, so sue me! I thought she was gorgeous, still is, even though she is now thirty-mumble, mumble!

My family as it grew was and is a favorite thing, precious to me always. I have two of my children with their families in the North Island of New Zealand and the remaining four here in Christchurch. My six children have given me twelve grand-children and they are especially my favorites as I can thoroughly enjoy spending time with them and give them back to their parents at the end of the day!

One of my favorite things about children is seeing the world through their eyes and seeing the wonder of new things all over again!

One of My Favorite Things Is - Blue Glassware

I have always like the color blue. It is the color of the sky, of my father's eyes and mine, of water warm and rippling and how I am feeling when I was down... so I collect blue glassware. I have a blue glass dinner set and blue vases that add a 'Dutch' feel to our kitchen.

My sister recently gave me a blue bottle - which is funny because one of my favorite things growing up was listening to the Goons on the radio with one of the characters being 'Blue Bottle.'

Here are some pieces that I like...

One of my favorite things
One of my favorite things

Other Favorite Things

~ Creating Things

I like to feel textures, see colors and patterns, and my favorite thing is being able to design garments and draw them.

I have not built up enough confidence to actually design and create many garments, but while my youngest was small I would make him outfits that were colorful and tailored to him, as there was not a lot in the way of interesting clothes for small boys. He would patiently wait till I had finished the garment, then eagerly try it and not want to take it off again!

I began making things as you do in sewing class at school. My very first garment I made was a white cotton with small polka dots skirt, when I had one of those figures models now struggle to maintain... those were the days! I could have given Twiggy a run for her money!

I also in my teen years made a dress and I remember Mum making me one as well.

I still have some lovely pieces of fabric that I have yet to do something with, but I will....

My second baby in my arms
My second baby in my arms

40 Favorite Things

This is Just the Short List ... Not Necessarily In Any Order

* God - who loves me

* Hugs from my husband

* The birth of each of my children

* A new house that we can call home

* Rain on the roof

* Sitting by a fire on a cold dark night

* A clear starry night

* A hot shower - the feeling of warm clean water on my skin

* Spa bath

* The smell of a newborn baby

* A surprise parcel in the post

* A letter from a friend

* Spending time with my adult children

* Fresh home-made bread

* The satisfaction that comes from finishing a painting or a garment that has turned out well

* Getting presents

* Giving presents

* My cat on my lap

* A warm back massage

* Smiles - from my husband, children and grand-children

* My father's old oak desk, where he used to manage his books

* "Blue Moon" and "Ave Maria" - my father used to sing them

* The feel of one of my babies sleeping in my arms

* My husband's cooking

* The smell of flowers on a warm summer's breeze

* Having a 'movie night' at home with my man

* Praying with my grandson

* A well laid out vegetable garden

* Gem stones

* Living on a farm

* A beautiful sunrise or sunset

* Christmas Carols

* A song sung well enough to give me goose bumps - like Paul Potts singing

* When very sick children or adults survive against all odds and thrive

* The inspirational story of Helen Keller

* Sunshine

* Chickens clucking

* Smell of grass after the rain

* Country air

* Funny things children say

* Happy family 'get-togethers'

Favorite Family Photo When Living On A 3 Acre Farmlet - Mum took photo

Favorite Family Photo When Living On A 3 Acre Farmlet - Mum took photo
Favorite Family Photo When Living On A 3 Acre Farmlet - Mum took photo
My sister with my eledest on her knee
My sister with my eledest on her knee

Read More About Me and What I Am Doing

Click Through On Link Below

Here is another photo. This is of my sister and me with my two oldest children. My sister is one my favorite people, she and I were the only girls in our family and we shared a lot together through the years. We are now the best of friends but it has taken effort and hard work on both our parts to get there.

I love her and want to say that I am so grateful that I was given her to be my sister.

What is it that makes something or someone or some event a favorite thing? Please feel free to share one of yours and maybe tell me why it is for you.... thanks for stopping by....I hope you enjoyed my lens, Jo.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Things? - Can You Pick One to Share ....

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    • JohannaBaker profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      My favorite thing this week is my husband coming home from overseas for two and half weeks and surprising me with a new top-of-the-line HP net-book! WOW!


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