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A Poem for My Daughter, Who is a Mother

Updated on February 25, 2011

My daughters are all mothers now!

One Mother's Day I wrote a poem for my 3 daughters. I am so proud that they have become such caring, devoted mothers and I wanted them to know how I feel. I always want to remember to compliment them on their progress year by year of raising their families. They all help each other out. Two of the girls live in the same city and the other one lives within driving distance. Altogether they have 8 children. And one family is in the process of adopting a little girl from China. My girls and I have always been close. Now we are best friends and laugh with each other. They each have different personalities, although they are all alike in the way they live spiritually and morally. They all learn different things from each other and I learn many things from all of them.

The First Born

Christina is my oldest and she is a perfectionist. She inherited these genes from my father's sister. She is the typical first born.She has relaxed some in recent years by having two boys. I am proud of her because even though her house is still in perfect order, the boys play and run and it's no big deal when somebody spills something! She has always known exactly what she wants (a very good characteristic I don’t have ) and plans toward achieving her goals. She can organize and decorate a house so that it is transformed into a warm, beautiful home.

The Middle Child

My middle daughter Chantel is just like me. She even says she is me! We do some things and we can't explain why we did them but I know why she did them and vice versa. Such as getting ready to go somewhere and have plenty of time, yet at the last minute having to straighten the closet or wash some clothes, making her late. She is the typical middle child. She changes her mind many times but usually comes up with the right thing to do. She works best with a fast approaching deadline and does such a wonderful job that people think she has planned and worked for weeks!

The Baby

My baby daughter, Amy, is the clown. I say this because in the birth order that people have studied and written about, the baby of the family is usually happy, and making other family members laugh. She is very busy, too, with three kids. This is the family that will adopt a little girl from China, hopefully soon! She and Chantel live in the same city so they help each other with their kids. They are always on the road to and from school and back again.

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      jgelien 8 years ago

      I also have three daughters and my youngest is an Amy as well. Your daughters are beautiful and sound like wonderful people. I love your poem and your lens. 5*****