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a tribute to my family

Updated on March 31, 2012

There have been many different changes that have taken place within these past years. Some of us have gone on to another place whether it is here on earth or heaven...I hope. Today, at this very moment, I began to miss my family, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers and distant relatives living or dead. I started thinking about what I missed most. What I missed was our past and how I would I go about holding on to it.

I have chosen to hold on to the positive memories. What are they are? Well, I remember the special moments around those lazy days and busy days. You know the kind. When my family grabs the camera and decides to take pictures of us playing in the yard. The nights of sitting outside on the porch, as we watch moderate traffic going up and down our main street into the few hours of the night. On the weekends, when we didn't have much money, just enough to grab a snack full of burgers and fries and go off to the nearest drive-in movies. If we didn't do that, we ended up running up and down the beach.

During the school vacations, we would take some time and travel to our grandparents' home. Each time we went, we either met an old relative or a new relative. Someone was being born into the family or marrying into the family. There were a lot of lazy days on the trip to our grandparents' house. We seldom went out to eat because our grandparents would be insulted. This was always the grandparents' excuse, to cook huge meals. And it would not stop there, after you leave the grandparents' house, you go down the street to visit the cousins' house due to your aunts or uncles are cooking. Yes by thing, you have gone into hog heaven overload.

Sometimes we would have a family reunion, our own personal holiday involving only our family and closes friends. This great celebration would take place in someone's backyard, amusement park or the local park. Again everyone takes the time to fix various dishes for the celebration. As you can see, this family is definitely big on eating. Each of us will challenge the other in a game of cards, checkers, horseshoe throwing and sack racing to see which family is the best.

Yes these are the moments you should cherish. The relaxing times...simple times are the definitely the most cherished times. This is when you can let your hair down, and speak your mind without anyone being hurt by it. Because you would be speaking about your love for your family as well as expressing it. 


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