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Adoption Journals

Updated on March 27, 2013

Adoption Journals

Whether you are traveling to adopt a child or going on a big travel adventure, we recommend keeping a journal on your trip. During the time we waited to adopt our child and throughout our recent trip to China to adopt our daughter, we kept a detailed journal along the way. Journals provide one the opportunity to chronicle both the "big trip" that they may have taken to meet their child, but adoption journals also provide an important opportunity for one to chronicle the time leading up to the actual adoption as well as the time following an adoption. Collecting snippets of information along the way, photos, paper work, and jotting down what you were feeling at the time is an important part of the process. This lens is devoted to sharing our insights on how to best keep a journal of your adoption experience. A great keepsake for your child in later years! Looking back through our journal provides a great resource to us as well as a cherished keepsake!

You may think that you will be able to remember all the tiny details of your trip, but it is best to record special events, names of people that you meet, places visited, thoughts, feelings, and anything else that come up. Over time, details do begin to fade so having a journal to look back on is key!

We recommend a small journal that you can tuck away in your bag and have at your side during your whole trip. Our journals have space for pens and pencils and a moleskin notebook insert for the perfect journal or log!

Adoption Travel Journal
Adoption Travel Journal

Adoption Journal Writing Ideas

The first step is to pick out a study notebook, folio, planner or the like - I say sturdy as you will want to keep your journal handy and carry it with you during important adoption-related activities. Doesn't have to be fancy, just durable and sturdy. If you do want a special journal folio or planner, check out some of the beautiful designs at the bottom of this article.

I started keeping a journal as soon as we sent our home-study and adoption request over to the CCAA in China, nearly five years prior to our actual adoption date. During our five hear waiting period, I would, from time to time, "check in" with my journal, making entries about how I was feeling, how the long wait for affecting me, and I would attach copies of any updated paperwork that I had completed along the way. That way I could look back and be reminded of all that we needed to do during the waiting period.

The journal became more exciting on referral day!!!! What a happy day that was! I could finally enter the positive news that we had received our referral, include the two pictures that I was given, and include a copy of the actual referral from the CCAA In China. I knew the age of my new daughter, her Chinese name, and the province that she was from. I included all of that in the next section of my journal. The next few month of entries in my journal included all the fun stuff leading up to the "big trip" - packing lists, visa requests, flight arrangements, shopping expeditions, room arranging, all the great tasks that one does before a travel adventure.

Then the adventure! A two week trip to China to meet our new daughter! Travel adventures are a perfect time to keep a journal and document your special voyage! We kept a detailed journal of our two weeks in China while adopting our daughter and it was the best souvenir that we have today! Every day, no matter how tired I was at the end of the day, I would sit and write about the day, including where we went, the name of our guide, descriptions of important sites, logistical details, what we ate, how we all were feeling and adapting - and anything else that had happened to us that day! I can't tell you how many times since we have been back that I have referred back to the journal to look up a place that we loved or to share information with another adoptive family preparing for their big trip. The memories are so special and I enjoy re-reading the journal. When my daughter is older, it will be a very special keepsake for her as well. I can't recommend enough the value of keeping a journal.

For some fun journal ideas, check out the designs included in this article! Capture your special moments and keep the memories forever!

Adoption Journals, Travel Logs, Custom Diaries, Monogrammed Planners and Folios

Adoption Journals, Folios, Planners, Travel Logs
Adoption Journals, Folios, Planners, Travel Logs

Rickshaw folios come in two sizes as do the moleskin notebook inserts. We kept a journal during our trip abroad and it is such a highlight now to go back and read all the details of our trip and will be a permanent addition to our daughter's memory box.

Folios are nice because they are durable and have places on the inside to tuck special items, photos, paperwork and souvenirs. Nice place to keep everything together related to your amazing travel adventure or adoption journey!

The Forever Garden: An Adoption Story

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    • globedancer profile image


      6 years ago

      Travel journals are a great idea. I just ran across one I wrote years ago, and it brought back so many memories!


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