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Kids Personality Tests

Updated on August 23, 2009

Kids Personality Tests

As parents, we often struggle to really understand our children. One problem we often face is putting our perception of normal on our kids. Normal usually means: like me.

So, what happens when your child is not like you? Does that mean that they are not normal? The answer: probably not.

Understanding your child's personality style and their perspective on life can help you understand your child better. This lens is about an online child's personality assessment (All About Bots!) that is specifically designed for Kids 5-12 yrs old. Having your child take this assessment will be a great step towards better understanding your child.

All About BOTS!

The Personality Assessment Just For Kids

This lens is about the kids Discovery Report by Personality Insights, Inc. This is, to my knowledge, the only personality assessment specifically designed for kids. It is written with an emphasis on what is good about your child with some suggestions for how they can become even better people. Every report has three sections:

  1. For the child
  2. For parents
  3. For teachers.
Each section contains information specifically about your child, based on their responses to questions drawn from 24 short story scenarios in the assessment. Your child, you, and other adults that interact with your child can use this information to build stronger relationships and to communicate with each other more effectively.

To have your child take the assessment, just click on the graphic below, purchase a code and then enter the code at Discovery

Using these assessments will give you access to other free resources to improve your relationships.

All About BOTS! Childs Personality Assessment Report

(Use these links to get a 10% discount applied at checkout.)

Child Personality Assessment Report (5-12 yrs)

Child Personality Assessment (5-12 yrs)Report

See a sample report here.

We also offer personality assessments for adults and teens.

Learn more at my Discovery Report Lens.

Ten Reasons You Would Have Your Child Take a Personality Assessment - Not Necessarily In Order

  • 1. The report is all about your child!

  • 2. It uses objective and descriptive words to describe your child's behaviors rather than subjective and judgmental words.


  • 3. It's fun to read a report all about your child!

  • 4. You can use the report to understand your child and to help other people understand your child better.

  • 5. You can use the results to teach your child the best way for your child.

  • 6. The access code gives you other FREE relationship building resources.

  • 7. The report uses positive, encouraging language.

  • 8. The report helps you understand your child's blind spots and help your child understand and overcome their blind spots better.

  • 9. The report tells you and your child's teachers how to help your child use their style to maximize their success.


  • 10. The report will help you connect with your child in better ways.

FREE Resources That Come With Every Report

Create reports to improve the relationship between you and your child

When you and your child both take an online assessment, you can use your codes at to create a customized relationship improvement report.

Get a code for you or your teen at theGet Real! Lens.

Use the codes for help in career selection

After completing the assessment, use the code at Career Interest Explorer at

Create "Team Charts" to get a visual representation of your family dynamics

After everyone completes a Discovery Report of any kind, go to Discovery Reports Team Charts to create your team chart.

More FREE Stuff

FREE Estimate of Your Personality Style

Free DISC Profile

Some Awesome Books to Supplement Your Personality Assessments

The Behavior Bucks System

The Behavior Bucks System is the parenting system created by Guy and Sandra Harris.

Get complete information at

Positive Personality Profiles

Positive Personality Profiles is a great book for really understanding personality styles. (10% discount at checkout)

You've Got Style

You've Got Style is a faster read version of Positive Personality Profiles. It provides a great overview of the DISC model. (10% discount at checkout)

Different Children, Different Needs

Different Children, Different Needs teaches parents how to apply the DISC Model to parenting. (10% discount at checkout)

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    • profile image

      JosephWilliam 9 years ago

      Great lens on personality assessments. Each child is unique and an eclectic approach to working with children is essential.

    • profile image

      JosephWilliam 9 years ago

      Great lens on personality assessments. Each child is unique and an eclectic approach to working with children is essential.

    • profile image

      JosephWilliam 9 years ago

      Great lens on personality assessments. Each child is unique and an eclectic approach to working with children is essential.