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Another Missing Child Found Dead

Updated on June 14, 2017

This is becoming all too common news and not all cases receive the publicity you would expect. Meanwhile sex offenders get released from prison after very short jail sentences, some receive only probation. Children like Haleigh Cummings missing since Feb 10, 2009 from Satsuma Florida remain missing and law enforcement agencies and families can only guess what may have happened to her.

Somer Thompson

Another missing child was found dead. A seven year old first grader Somer Thompson never arrived at home after walking the mile from her school. I watched in horror as her mother pleaded for the abductor to drop her off somewhere, anywhere. The mother stated she didn't even care if they got in trouble or not she just wanted her baby back. Somer's body was found in a landfill two days later with her lifeless legs sticking up out of tons of trash. This beautiful child had been thrown away like a piece of rubbish. 

Somer Thompson lived just a few miles from my home in Jacksonville Florida where the new rule for busing is that you must live 2 miles away from the school in order to get bus service to and from school. This is just to far for small children to walk and not all parents have the means to transport them. While the district saves money by not busing these students, these students are put in the dangerous situation of walking often past these predator homes or the places where the predators sit and wait having stalked and planned their moves against an innocent child.

Elizabeth Olten

As I watched this story unfold another girl just nine years old went missing. Elizabeth Olten of Michigan walking home from a friends house just a quarter mile away from her home was reported missing. Law enforcement was receiving cell tower signals from her cell phone until the battery on the cell phone ran out. This time the girl's dead body was found along with her cell phone deep in the woods near her home. A 15 year old juvenile led law enforcement to her body and that teen has been charged in her death.

Adji Desir

Adji Desir has been missing from Collier County, Florida since January 10,2009. Adji is 6 years old and developmentally disabled. He does not speak English in fact he barely speaks at all. Search crews canvassed the area and police determined that there were no signs of foul play. According to Naples news an Amber Alert was not issued for this child because there were no indications of an abduction. The child was never found.

Alycia Nipp and gps monitoring

I would like to think that if we forced every sex offender to wear a GPS monitoring device it could help to track some of these offenders. These devices are only as good as the people who monitor them and their methods of monitoring. Often the information is not monitored live but checked periodically by parole and probation officers after the fact. This was the case of Darrin Sanford, 30, a registered level 3 sex offender. A category of a level 3 is the most likely to re-offend. Sanford, homeless, was living in an abandoned home when he killed a 13 year old girl Alycia Nipp. Alycia, against the advise of her family, had taken a popular short cut through a field near the abandoned home that Sanford was staying in.

GPS Technology

Devices are now available to help parents track their children's whereabouts. Devices use GPS technology both satellite and cell tower to precisely determine the location of their devices and give live up to the minute information of the whereabouts. Personal safety zones can be set that will notify you if the device is powered off or when it leaves a safety zone. The continuous tracking feature will update location for up to an hour.. In the event of a kidnapping or an abduction a device like one of these in your child's pocket could make a huge difference in the outcome. Police would be able to track the child and their potential killer in moments rather than than having to conduct random searches of the area where the child was last seen.

My feelings are that all sex offenders should be forced to wear such devices attached to their body such as in the ankle bracelets. Upon their release from jail devices like these could monitor their whereabouts at any given moment. Stricter laws and monitoring might help in some cases, but for first time offenders these devices would be useless unless carried by the child and remained unknown about to the abductor.

Child Safety Tips

  • Talk to your child about "stranger danger"
  • Inform them of the lies these people will tell and the tricks they play in order to snatch a child.
  • No adult will truly ever need the help of a child to find a lost puppy or kitty.
  • Your mommy said to pick you up is just a lie to trick your child even if they know your child's name
  • Attract Attention: screaming "fire" will attract more attention than "help"
  • Teach your child to back away from adults trying to talk to them stay out of reach
  • Tell your child to never get into the car of a stranger: teach them to grab onto a sign or light pole and fight for their lives: kick, scream, run, aim for the groin and kick repeatedly "scream as loud as they can"
  • Don't go into public restrooms alone especially at parks and playgrounds
  • Stay together don't walk alone do not get separated under any circumstance
  • If your child carrys a flip phone set it up not to end a call by closing it! Closing the phone may trick an abducter into thinking the call has ended
  • If your child thinks someone is following them teach them to go into a public place and ask an employee to call the police. If they have a cell phone make the call.

It is terrible that a child should have to fear adults and think about these things but it could potentially save their lives. Please see the links below.


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    • profile image

      kristi 6 years ago

      this is not right what would make people do this they are just sick in the head

    • profile image

      Mike Wallace  7 years ago

      Not ALL sex offenders are bad, in fact some are framed by women. The women then get mercy and shit. I mean like you can be as ignorant as you want by saying that ALL sex offenders are bad people- but what if you were one? Answer that question. Are you sick? Or did you just make a bad decision. Please stop being so arrogant.

    • profile image

      emily 7 years ago

      i hope that the law was to not let peaple not to let them hurt kids and teens.

    • profile image

      Safety Network 7 years ago

      The story was very informative, and it serves as an enlightening experience to us parents to protect our kids. I am a single mom, and I have a five and nine year old kid. I could not fathom the pain of my kid gone missing and never want this to happen to my own kid. That is why at the young age I taught them safety precautions on how to avoid stranger, and most of all I do not let them walk home alone. And to ensure their safety, since I am not beside them always. I provided my kids a mobile personal safety solution, wherever they go. This service has GPS tracking device that I could be able to locate my kid recent location and current activities. With this service I have the peace of mind, and I find it v very useful to me. This is my safety protection for my kid's check this out

    • profile image

      sugermamma1 7 years ago

      i just feel sorry for all thee familys that had kids going missing or even dead. and by other kids listening to these storys would help them be more safe about who the go to for help and who not to talk to

    • profile image

      Amber 7 years ago

      I am so sorry to the children and families affected by sick people. I will pray for you Kayla; and your child to come home safe. I'm desperate to teach my 6 year old that there is bad people in the world and he's not as tough as he thinks. It has not been easy to teach him "stranger danger" but these stories might help.

    • profile image

      kayla a.freeman 7 years ago

      my child is missing

    • profile image

      carrie 7 years ago

      I think this traking device would work very well and about those kids i will pray for them for there mourning to come to an end very soon

      with prayers,