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Advice for a child with night terrors?

My daughter has had night terrors since she was 2. It used to be that it happened on the rare occasion that she missed a nap. Now that she is no longer napping, it happens every night. Some nights she is extremely upset and crying hysterically. Most times she is sitting up in bed talking and distressed. Some times she is out of her bed and disoriented. I asked the pediatrician about it and she says that she'll outgrow it. When it happens every night, it is concerning. I want to help her not to suffer from these (although she has no recollection of it the next day). Advice??


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Best Answer P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

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5 years ago
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    fitmom 5 years ago

    Thanks, duffsmom. I'd read this tip online and have tried it. It does seem to wake her up from her dream state. But, sometimes it gets her really distressed and hysterical when I do it. I only do it now if I think she has to. Thanks for your comment!