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What kind of adults will kids who are organized-sports-enthusiasts grow up to be?

Both watching and learning to play organized sports is stressed, from day 1 of school onward (and, I suspect most of the time, parents stressed it before kids started school, too, if only by example). Will kids grow up feeling no sole personal responsibility for anything except that they "tried" (i.e. failed)? At the same time, our kids get fatter and fatter like the rest of us, and their grades are falling like a rock. What messages are we sending to the next generation?


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atechwiz says

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4 years ago
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    Laura Schneider 4 years ago

    Very perceptive, atechwiz! A friend of mine played pro football 9 years (before today's outrageous $$) then was too damaged to play, but had no other skills. Moderation in all things and separation of sports, arts/music, and school should occur, IMO.