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What are some ways to help a young child cope with the loss of her mother?

My niece is six years old and her mother will be going away for treatment soon. Before now, my sister- her mother- has been living with her; until about two months ago, my sister had been in prison for a year. My niece was just growing accustomed to having her home and now she will most likely be leaving again for an extended period of time, perhaps several years. Any suggestions for how to help my niece through this difficult time? Any ideas on how to help her cope with this sudden absence?


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4 years ago
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    Jennifer (jjackson786) 4 years ago

    Thank you for your response, Lisa. Her mother tends not to be an overall positive influence in her life, as there is a lot of emotional manipulation going on in that situation. She does keep in touch with her mother and sees her often.