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Adopt Danish Sex Education Model for 4-5 year olds?

Porn does not equal relationships. Porn is where most of us get introduced to what supposed relationships and intimacy are about. Most parents still feel awkward discussing these areas with their children. Maybe we all need to join the Naturalist Clubs so that being naked and seeing our erogenous zones in all its shapes and forms takes the implied eroticism out of it. What do you think? Do you think its healthy for our little ones to be involved in the Danish School Module for Sex and Relationships? I believe there are some schools in the UK that have adopted it.


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Aime (Aime F) says

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17 months ago
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    Threekeys 17 months ago

    I am all for our little ones and tweens to have open discussions with the emphasis on intimacy and building relationships. Then go from there. But poor schools! Those teachers become your child's second parent. Its a lot to take on.