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I am the non-custodial parent the grandparents has custody my kid has had her for 3 years the

Grandparents let me see my girl every night for 1 to 2 hs and on weekends sometimes she gets 2stay it's whatever my girl would like to do. It has been grate for 3 years now until my ex boyfriends new girlfriend gets mad at me and now social service has been called once again I dont like the worker I had the 1 time when my girl got took I believe I was treated unfairly do I have 2 let the same worker run my case and if she comes 2 my door can I say I'm not refusing 2 cooperate but I won't a new worker 2 check myhouse and 4 my case I get visits back when dss saids its ok what should I do


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7 months ago
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