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How to get back the feeling of my ex ? He agree to be with me but the feeling is not back for him !

Our relationship seem to be perfect for the first 2 months . We had a short relationship because due to his work . He work almost everyday and had no time for me . As time pass , he told me his feeling had faded for me . The last time , he is with me he give me a kiss and hold me . However , in the night he tell me his feeling fade and break up . After separating for quite some time . He did sms me saying he miss me , and he feel jealous too . However , he got no feeling for me ? What went wrong . . I love him , I feel sad whenever I think of him . Now we are back,but on a T &C term . How ?


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Kannan Reddy (kannanwrites) says

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6 years ago
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