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Raising Kids and the Value of Endurance

Updated on September 20, 2018
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April Savage is an Author; an advocate of Literacy, Dyslexia awareness and Entrepreneurship

"Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare."

— Ed Asner

You don't know "tough" yet....

A warrior creeps through wet, tall stalks of limp grass on his way to accomplish a mission. To carry a deed out. He has planned and painstakingly trained for this one act that may or may not define his career.

As he pushes through this uncertain realm of possibilities, a thought runs through his mind. Endurance. He knows it all too well. Any true warrior would.

If you were to look up the word "endurance" in the encyclopedia, it would show you it means pain, hardships, the ability to continue to last despite fatigue.

Endurance is a lasting quality indeed.

Much like the warrior mentioned above, parenting is a great example too.

You may not attribute your long nights of sleeplessness to this one definition, but as a parent, you are developing endurance as far as raising your children are concerned. How so? You may ask. Simple.

Parent's have a tight schedule. Even if you are a stay at home mommy (or daddy), and a good parent, you will know you are in training, developing endurance as a virtue in your life.

Have you ever taken your child to the emergency room late at night, only to get up the next morning, totally sleep deprived and watch the little one all day long? You are developing endurance to not give up.

Or perhaps you have no choice but to go in to work because you are a single parent, leaving your young one with your parent's or a baby sitter. You are exhausted. Sleep deprived. But you do what you have to do to survive, regardless how weak you may have become during your circumstances. You don't give in, regardless of how exhausted you may be.

That is endurance.

Parent's go without rest, personal time to themselves and no personal bubble. They devote their energies, time and passions into the offspring they created with their significant other.

Want to collapse on the sofa with a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie? No. You can't.

The endurance you have acquired being a parent screams out to you: "Nope! The kids have to be bathed, home work done, dinner fixed and then one on one time with them!" No movie. No "alone" time to relax.

Raising kids teaches endurance.

Parent's just naturally push through obstacles, no matter what hardships face them head on. The laundry has to be done. Dishes are over flowing the sink. Now the bathroom needs cleaned. Every which way you turn, there is something else that has to be done before you get a break.

But you push ahead and clean, regardless of how exhausted you may be. You pull through and force yourself to carry on, even at times you want to cry and crawl in a hole somewhere away from the world for a while!

And people wonder why parent's get a little moody. Act "zoned out" at times. Stare straight ahead until the coffee kicks in. I know, I have been there. Every parent has!

Raising kids teach us to persevere. Patience. They teach us that the world does not revolve around what we as adults want any longer. Kids teach us respect for the weaker vessels, compassion and understanding.

So go ahead and prepare for your battle training.

Whether it be crawling through tall grass with a machine gun strapped to your back, or facing a house full of your own offspring! Whatever it may be that you face as a parent each day, just take heart in knowing God put you in those young ones' lives for a reason.

Take a deep breath. Ready your mind and body for the journey. Because as a parent, you will learn how to persevere, no matter how exhausting it may be at times struggling to raise your kids.

Welcome to the world of mastering endurance.


The Value of Learning Endurance

My parents raised me and my younger brothers in Florida. We went fishing a lot!

My dad was the master at finding another fishing hole or inlet and mom would pack picnic lunches. I don't remember how hot it was during those times, but I do remember my parents teaching us kids patience and giving us the knowledge we needed to properly cast out our lines and reel them back in slowly.

I know now from being a parent myself that kids will emulate what they see.

I watched my dad put the worms on the hooks. He would cut lines that got caught in branches and restring the poles, gently handing them back to us to fish ourselves. He would cut the lines because often it was us kids that catapulted the poles too far behind us before tossing out, and the hook would catch branches.

There was never a moment in my childhood I remember my dad not letting us fish. Still to this day my brothers and dad enjoy going fishing.

He wanted us to learn endurance, to be silent when fishing, and patient when hoping to catch something!

Sometimes we would go home with nothing. Most times we caught something, but it taught us kids valuable lessons and brought us closer as a family.

I remember the times my parent's were sick, but still had to cook, clean and get us kids to school. I remember the times they were worried about paying the bills and buying groceries.

Now that I have kids myself, I know every single thing we do or go through in life has an ultimate purpose. Kids see more than we give them credit for, and they understand more than we are willing to accept.

We can show them how to overcome adversity and endure, or we can cower in a corner and give up.

I like to think most parent's want their kids to overcome adversity and learn endurance, therefore showing them by living it themselves. But in the end, learning endurance is the key to overcoming anything in life because once you learn it, you know that giving up is never an option.

"Instead of raising children who turn out OKAY despite their childhood, Let's raise children who turn out extraordinary BECAUSE OF their childhood."

— L.R.Knost
Raising kids can be tough, you feel like you are on a battleground of massive proportions while desperately needing a bath...only you have no time to take one
Raising kids can be tough, you feel like you are on a battleground of massive proportions while desperately needing a bath...only you have no time to take one

© 2012 April Savage


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    • april holland profile imageAUTHOR

      April Savage 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Ms Dee! I am so thankful you like my article because as you know it is so true! God bless you today.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 

      8 years ago from Texas, USA

      I love this! Likening parenting to a warrior is so fitting. The only main difference though it that we love the 'enemy', our kids. :) Funny (particularly the captions), interesting and beautiful! I've seen parenting teach my son endurance and more of a concern for others--so true.


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