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Are you looking for an effective and comfortable breastpump?

Updated on November 12, 2014

Which do you think is the most effective and comfortable breastpump?

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The Best Breastpump in the Market

All natural breast milk is still considered the best form of nutrition for babies; this is incontestable, because there is just no substitute for the nutrients and the immunity enhancing advantages of human milk.

Unfortunately, many modern moms find it difficult to always be available for their babies to nurse, because many moms are working and, logically, there will be many times throughout the day that they wonât be at home to breastfeed their newborn babies.

Many mothers choose to give their infants pure breast milk for at least three months. The best option, if a mother is working and she still wants to give her child breast milk, is to express/extract the breast milk, and store the milk in bottles. The infant will still get the adequate nutrition from the human milk and, at the same time, the mother will be able to carry out her other duties and obligations at home and at work.

A reliable and effective breast pump is the number one companion of any mother who wishes to continue giving her infant natural breast milk, even if she has to go to work on most days.

There are two types of breast pumps available on the market today. The first one is the traditional, manual breast pump. As the name implies, this type of breast pump uses a purely non-automatic way of extracting the milk from the breasts.

This type of pump is recommended for mothers who have adequate milk supply, and have no trouble at all in expressing their milk. Many moms choose manual breast pumps because they are cheaper, and they can easily be replaced when parts have become worn from use.

The newer models on the market today are manufactured with durable silicone-based parts, so it is actually quite difficult for anyone to wear down the actual pump to the point that the apparatus becomes completely unusable.

Now, what can you use if you are having trouble expressing a sufficient amount of milk through a manual breast pump? Your other option is an automatic breast pump. Automatic breast pumps have considerably larger assemblies, because everything is automatic. The suction is powered by a machine, while the pump is plugged into a wall socket. If you are travelling, you can put batteries in the unit to operate it independently of an outlet power source.

The biggest advantage of automatic breast pumps is that everything is done for you. You just wear the suctioning cup, and wait for the bottle/s to fill. The downside is that this kind of breast pump is definitely bulkier than manual breast pumps, and you may have second thoughts about bringing it with you are planning on travelling long distances with your infant.

What is the best type of breast pump? Only you can answer this question, because it really depends on your specific needs and budget. Manual breast pumps have been around for a very long time, and they are constantly being improved. Automatic breast pumps offer a unique convenience that cannot be provided by a manual breast pump; you donât have to do the squeezing yourself anymore.

Are Manual Breastpumps Right for You?

Should you buy a manual breastpump, or a heftier automatic breastpump?

Manual breastpumps have been around for decades now and, because of their compact design, practicality and ease of use, there are no signs that this type of breast pump will be phased out by manufacturers any time soon.

A manual breast pump works just like an automatic one; the only difference is that you will be the one doing all the squeezing to extract the milk from the breast. Do not rush to buy one online; do you research first, and find a good brand that doesn’t ruin your budget, but at the same time provides everything you need from a manual breast pump.

Choosing a good brand will also ensure that you won’t have any problems using the breast pump, and you will be completely satisfied when using the pump to get the breast milk that your infant needs.

When is the right time to start using a manual breast pump? The best time to start is immediately after you have begun breastfeeding your infant, so your body becomes accustomed to the process. In most cases, moms report that there is some level of difficulty in expressing milk when they use a manual breast pump for the very first time.

This is definitely normal and should be expected, especially if you are a first-time mom. Manual breast pump have more or less the same design and mechanisms, so if you are not getting enough suction to express your milk in adequate quantities you may have to adjust the position of the breast, or you may have to check the assembly of the breast pump.

If you purchased a manual breast pump with a detachable pump, you have to make sure that the rubber pump is fitted tightly into the air inlet, because this part of the breast pump generates the pressure needed to express the milk.

Once you get the hang of things, you shouldn’t have any more problems using the manual breast pump daily. Now, if you plan on using your manual breast pump several times per day, every day, you need to clean the parts properly. A dirty breast pump can cause duct blockages, and other similar problems. Take good care of your breast pump, and it will do its job well for months to come.

If you are still on the fence on whether to buy a manual breast pump or not, here are some straight facts to help you decide:

1. Manual breast pumps are relatively lightweight and compact, weighing only a few hundred grams each. An electric breast pump weighs about five pounds, so there is a big difference in terms of the mass of the devices.

2. Many mothers say that the gentle suction of manual pumps mimic how an infant feeds, so they are able to express milk more efficiently.

3. It can take longer to fill large bottles, but if you can breastfeed while operating a one-handed breast pump model, you should be able to express a considerable amount of milk from both breasts.

4. Manual breast pumps do not produce any sound, and can be used even when your baby is sleeping.

Sophistication and Power – Medela BreastPump

The Medela Breastpump features great new functions and a streamlined design that will surely delight moms everywhere.

If you are firm believer that only natural breast milk is the best nutrition for your infant during the first few months of his life, but you are worried about the time that you spend away from home because of your work, the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump can help take strain off your schedule.

The Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump has been redesigned for added functionality and durability. With its considerably lower price (below $300 in most online stores) you can be sure that this model fits the bill for a pocket-friendly automatic breast pump that does the job unwaveringly for months.

According to the manufacturer, the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump was designed for mothers who need to express milk multiple times per day because they travel often, or they simply need to be away for most of the day because of other commitments (such as work).

This model features a powerful motor built into a portable package that you can easily carry anywhere. It is not as small as a manual breast pump, but that doesn’t mean that it is a burden to carry. It comes with its own bag, so when you are ready to go all you need to do is place the breast pump in its carrying case, and you are set to go.

If you can handle the mass of the breast pump, you can even bring it with you on long trips; just stow it away with the rest of your luggage, and bring it out only when you’ve run out of stock breast milk.

And here’s the thing: this breast pump even comes with its own cooler compartment so you can preserve the freshness of the breast milk for up twelve hours.

Twelve hours is actually an impressive amount of time, considering that there isn’t a refrigeration component at all. The cooler component is just so efficient and well-designed that it is able to stretch its capacity to cool breast milk for up to half a day.

Another great thing about the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump is that it integrates an exciting new technology that actually helps moms extract up eighteen percent more breast milk every time they use the machine.

Eighteen percent may not seem like much – until you compare the actual amount of time needed to fill one bottle. Time is gold, and if you can cut the extraction time by several minutes, you can use that time instead to do other things, like cuddle with your baby some more!

Now, some moms are worried that it might get a tad bit noisy when extracting milk, because the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump has a motor built into it.

Comfort and Natural Rhythms with the Ameda Breastpump

If you want a more natural feel when expressing milk, try the newest addition to the breastpump market!

Have you been looking for a powerful, streamlined, yet budget-friendly breast pump? If you are, know that you are not limited to the older brands on the market. If you want an automatic breastpump that combines the best features of the older brands in a great package that is easy on the pocket, you will love the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump.

This great automatic breastpump marks Ameda’s entry into this very competitive market and, judging by the actual reviews of users around the country and around the globe, Ameda has done a splendid job in designing a powerful machine with a relatively modest price tag. Are you excited to learn more about this great new device? Here are the best advantages of the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump:

1. The Ameda breastpump was designed to aid mothers who require a powerful and speedy breastpump, in order to allow them to collect a significant amount of breast milk so their babies don’t have to drink formula milk, even if the mom has to go back to work.

The Ameda design focuses on power as well as portability so if you are travelling and you have trouble breastfeeding, this breast pump is an idea companion if you are driving with the kids, or if you are flying frequently from one city to another.

2. Is the Ameda breastpump comfortable? Fortunately, the answer is yes, because the manufacturer has also paid close attention to the design of the breast shield; you won’t have to worry about soreness or chaffing when using this device to express and collect milk.

One of the most interesting innovations that the Ameda breastpump brings to the table is the varying rhythm patterns that are employed throughout the device’s lifetime to mimic the changing suckling patterns of infants. This ensures that optimal stimulation is given whenever the mother is expressing milk, yielding to better results and more milk collected every time the Ameda breastpump is used.

3. The Ameda breastpump is free of bisphenol A, or BPA, which makes it extremely safe for your precious newborn baby. Bisphenol A has been proven to be toxic to humans in general, and is now being banned in many countries around the world. The Ameda brand responded immediately to the requirement of health departments around the world, and has also taken the necessary steps to ensure that this chemical never finds its way to the plastic parts of Ameda breastpumps.

4. Are you worried about milk spraying into the parts of the breast pump that is not supposed to hold milk? Older breast pump models are often plagued with this problem – not the Ameda BPA-Free Purely Yours Breast Pump.

The manufacturer has actually integrated a new design called the HygienKit system, which ensures that milk will never reach the pump itself. So, all the milk that is expressed when this device is used will go straight to the bottles and never into the air tubes and pump.

Versatile and Portable – The Avent Breastpump

Are you a working mom looking for a reliable breast pump? Check out today’s honest review of the Avent breastpump and see if its answers your needs.

One of the most important features of a reliable and effective breastpump is the user’s actual comfort level while she is using the device. The Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump responds to this essential need for comfort as well as speed. Here are some of the main advantages of the Avent Breast Pump, so you can see for yourself why it stands out from the rest of the brands in this market:

1. Safety – The materials that come into contact with the breast milk itself are BPA free. BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical found in many plastics used for infant bottles. Studies have shown that BPA actually predisposes infants to neurological problems (among many side effects).

Thus, a war against BPA was waged by concerned lawmakers and citizens around the world. Avent responded immediately by removing BPA-containing plastics from their products.

A very responsible move indeed, considering that this has a direct impact on the health of children. You can rest easy knowing that the materials used in the Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump are all free of this toxic chemical.

2. Compact design – One of the best things about the Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump is that it is not bulky, and it is actually quite easy to carry around because of its streamlined and rounded design.

If you dislike heftier breastpumps with box-type designs, the Avent breastpump is the right choice for you. Additionally, this breastpump comes with an intelligent memory feature that actually records the rhythm that you find most effective and most comfortable.

3. Powerful motor – If you think Avent won’t do the job well because of its compact size, think again: it is actually equipped with a hospital-grade motor that efficiently draws out milk in a shorter period of time, compared to other brands.

So, in the end, what you will really be getting is an affordable breastpump with a motor that delivers the same results as a more expensive hospital breastpump. Wouldn’t this be a great investment, especially if you are planning to give your child only breast milk in the coming months?

4. Comfort – Avent has a redesigned breast shield that ensures a firm grip while maintaining a high level of comfort when you are expressing milk. The patented five petal design is quite unique in the market, and is really something to look forward to, especially if you are a first-time mom who has never tried expressing milk before for later use.

In addition to the five petal design of the breast shield, you will also be able to enjoy the convenience of being able to control the speed of the suction and the rhythm all with the simple touch of the button.

Again, this model has an intelligent memory feature, that will “remember” the settings that you used and the adjustments that you have made, so you won’t have to find them again through trial and error every time you sit down to express milk.

This is, indeed, a big step for active, working moms everywhere who want to give their babies the best that nature has to offer during those crucial first few months of life.

Essential Breastpump Reviews

Read genuine breastpump reviews before buying a new breastpump so you won’t regret your purchase!

If you are thinking of buying a new breastpump so you can store your breast milk in the fridge for your precious one, you have to find out what actual consumers are saying about the most popular brands.

It’s one thing to read the advertisements, but sometimes the user experience can be different. Let us look into what actual buyers have to say about the top breast pump models on the market today. Are they happy or dissatisfied with their purchases? It’s time to find out!

Medela Manual Breast Pump

Despite being a manual breast pump, this particular model from the Medela brand has been receiving good reviews, because it is lightweight and relatively easy to use.

One notable review stated that, while electric breast pumps are faster, manual breast pumps are still essential for moms because they are easier to carry and are more convenient when travelling. In terms of speed, the Medela Manual Breast Pump is a bit slower, but that is to be expected since it is only equipped with a hand pump.

If you can wait 2-3 minutes more to fill a bottle, you should be fine with a manual breast pump. After using the Medela Manual Breast Pump, you can just take apart the bigger parts and clean them, so you can use the breast pump again later in the day/night.

Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump

If you don’t like the idea of pumping a device manually so you can collect breast milk, the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump is a good option.

According to a notable review, this breast pump is a hospital-grade pump that is actually being used in clinics and hospitals, even in NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) where premature infants are cared for.

This model has received really good reviews, because it is durable and, while it is hefty, it does the job in half the time. If you have the budget for it and are planning to breastfeed exclusively for the next six months, this isn’t a bad investment at all.

Avent Breast Pump

Avent has been in the industry for years, and the latest Avent automatic breast pump has received considerably good reviews. Many users say that it is more comfortable and easier to use than bigger variants.

This may be due to the fact that Avent has paid attention to redesigning and streamlining the breast shield, or the part of the breast pump that is attached directly onto the breast before the extraction is done.

If you want a more natural feel and the convenience of an automatic breast pump, Avent’s most recent offering is definitely worth considering. It’s pretty durable too, considering that many users have been able to use it continuously for at least three months. Since most moms begin mixed feeding at six months’ time, you will definitely be able to maximize your budget with the Avent Breast Pump.

Always remember that your comfort is always the number one consideration when buying breast pumps. Don’t borrow these devices as body fluids (including breast milk) can transmit diseases. Always use a brand new pump, as this is the safest option of all.


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