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Fun Art and Craft Activities for Children

Updated on July 31, 2017

Children tend to fall into a daze after school or over the weekends, and remain glued to the television or computer for hours. It is important to keep children involved in some kind of activity since it boosts mental clarity, keeps their growing bodies healthy and strong and proffers all-round development.

Why Should A Child be Busy doing an Activity?

It is essential that we figure out what we are going to do with our children every single day to keep them busy and occupied. It is very vital that the children remain busy and active through the day, it makes their minds agile and also boosts their overall physical well-being. Promoting fine motor activities as well as physical activities in children at an early age is exceedingly crucial to help them develop the skills, habits and personality necessary to stay active throughout their lives.

Moms, including stay at home moms, tend panic and hyperventilate - 'how am i going to keep my child occupied?' 'how am i going to ensure that my kid doesnt get grumpy and bored?'

In addition to school and camps and extra curricular classes, it is still important that the child stays busy and not bored at all times; what's more, you need to make sure that the he does not get hooked on to electronic gadgets.

You can choose from a host of activities - art, craft, origami, flower arrangement, and gardening.

Art and Craft Activities Enhance Children’s Holistic Development

Art and craft activities teach a lot in a play-way. They develop fine motor skills, language learning, creativity and aesthetic sense and also act as a catharsis. What’s more, every child, whether six years old or 16 years old, face stress during their day. Yes, kids too experience stress: staying on top of their academics, social aspects, acceptance and peer pressure.

3 Interesting Art and Craft Activities

Art and craft are one of the finest ways for children to be imaginative and creative. There are numerous simple activities that can be done at home using easy material and in a short time.

Bottle doll

Things required:

  • An empty plastic bottle
  • 1 cup of salt or sand
  • Newspapers
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Sticking tape
  • Wool

The activity:

  1. Pour the salt or sand in to the bottle to weight it.
  2. Use a sheet of newspaper and roll it in to a tiny ball. Place the tiny ball on another sheet of newspaper and wrap it tightly around the ball, using a sticking tape. Place it over the bottle to judge the appropriate size. It will function as the head of the doll.
  3. Fix the ball over the bottle. Use sticking tape over the head and neck to attach it firmly.
  4. Then, cover the whole bottle with strips of papier-mâché paper (newspaper strip soaked in water) and let them dry.
  5. Now, paint the doll’s face, eyes, nose, lips, hands and clothes.
  6. Glue wool over the head for hair.
  7. The bottle doll is ready!

Butterfly Blots

Things required:

  • Art sheet
  • Paints
  • 1 spoon

The activity:

  1. Fold the sheet of paper in to half. Then open it out.
  2. Spoon large blobs of different paint on to one half of the paper.
  3. Fold the paper and press down firmly.
  4. Open the paper. Here’s the colorful butterfly!

Bean frog

Things required:

  • 2 pieces of cloth / material about 20 cm by 20 cm, 2 different colors
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Dried beans
  • Pins
  • Black buttons

The activity:

  1. Draw the shape of a frog on the two materials of different color. Cut them out.
  2. Pin the two materials together. Then, using a thread and needle, sew all around the border of the frog, using a simple runningstitch. However, keep about 2 inches of gap open on one side.
  3. Fill the frog with beans
  4. Then, sew the open edge.
  5. Sew on the 2 black buttons as eyes.
  6. The bean frog is ready!

Child psychologists time and again advise parents to introduce toddlers to arts and crafts for their overall development and understanding. Children can be involved in a host of fun activities, and what’s more, it is a wonderful family time as well.

Well-rounded Development

The goal of involving children in activities - be they games and sports or motor skill related art and craft, they all help the child grow optimally, appreciate diversity, develop specific skills, fight ennui and remain active. They also boost a child’s self-esteem and self-worth tremendously. What's more, the have complete peace and tranquility while the children engage in activities which will perk up their overall well-being.


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